Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Quilty overload!

My goodness things have been busy here these past few days. I've been so exhausted in the evenings that blogging was the very last thing on my mind - oops!

On Monday last week after school pickup, Camo, Amy and I visited Ikea. I have no idea why we thought this was a good thing, after school is just fine, but the trip home was MAJOR traffic with everyone coming home from work. The things we parents do for our kids :-). This trip I grabbed some fabric kind of containers (as well as other things) that I thought looked to be a good size for fat quarters.

This is the mess that my fat quarters and backing off-cut section had gotten into. It really is an eyesore and needed sorting really badly. Whenever I buy fq's, they're never folded the same way, and I don't mind confessing that I got bored really quickly folding them all again.

There are Moda scrap bags stuffed in there, and even a fq bundle from when I visited the Piecemakers store in CA in 2000! I thought it too pretty to cut up! Someone save me!!

This is how far I got before it started getting late. I stuffed all the pieces I hadn't got around to back into the cupboard again - hopefully I'll have another sort and store attack again soon :-)

On Thursday evening my dear friend Vicki and I went to our local guild meeting. It was the AGM, and in fun news, she and I have volunteered to be on the Committee this year. We have a lovely bunch of ladies, and it's sure to be really fun.

Friday was a shopping and coffee play date with a sweet girl I went to school with, and then in the evening I was getting ready for a big quilty weekend.

Vicki and I had signed up through guild for a Gloria Loughman workshop. Do check out her website, it's just fabulous. We were working on 'It's all about Colour'. We had the very best time, Gloria is a fabulous and very informative teacher. I am often (but not always) a bit of a slowpoke in class, and I didn't get much further than you see below.

I'm really excited to get busy working on the diamonds again, but they will have to wait until I've gotten further with my Mrs Billings quilting. That is a huge priority.

And speaking of the quilting, here is a small section that I worked on today. I'm just loving how it's coming along.

Once I'm done clearning up from dinner and making lunches for tomorrow, I'll get right back into some more quilting. Yay!


viridian said...

Hurrah on the clean up - keep going. I have some of the same fabric you have!

ruthsplace said...

What I love about you is that you are not afraid to show it as it really is. Love your new boxes to hold the fat quarters.

Your hand quilting is just amazing.

Mary said...

I have my Fat quarters in clear totes so I can see them. What Committee is it that you volunteered for? There are many types of Committees in my guild. Have fun with your Diamonds, I like the fancy stitching.

Pip said...

:) the best time to go to Ikea is in the morning (weekdays) your drive home would have been truly awful with all that traffic.

Your fq pile looks like my work room does at the moment, I'm too busy concentrating on finishing my two quilts to bother cleaning up (yet)

Shay said...

Great fabric storage ....I really must take a peek in your sewing room this weekend. Im sure the amount of fabric in there can be seen from space.

Paisley Jam Designs said...

Hi Tara terry and I were in Ikea on Monday afternoon too ! LOL.
We also bought some of there little zipper bottomed storage boxes. Great for using at the Craft & Quilt shows.
Love your hand quilting on your Mrs Billings quilt. Look forward to seeing it finished. Will you enter it into the show in November ?
Big hugz
Jen xx


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