Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I love parcels :-)

Today I had a nice surprise waiting by the front door when I came home from quilting. A parcel from the UK - meaning two of my Masons Vista plates had arrived.

They're in just perfect shape, and I'm entirely thrilled. My experience so far when purchasing these plates is that items travelling across the globe from the UK arrive in perfect shape, and items that come from other states in Australia arrive in lots of small pieces - baffling really!

These babies bring my total to 13 dinner plates - I still have one in transit from Canada. Once that one is here, I'll stop with the dinner plates and concentrate on other pieces. How fun! :-)


Nancy said...

Beautiful plates - I love the color.

Shay said...

Im going to have to rifle through this amazing collection of yours when I visit. It's just gorgeous.

Annelein said...

I just love the plates!


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