Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Still Piecing ...

Wow, I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone? I know I've spent time in the sewing room, because my Omigosh! block count is now 140 ...

They're really such fun, and I'm finding so many scraps from quilts past that I'd entirely forgotten about. I still have 221 to make - and once they're done, then will be the fun of putting the top together.

Yesterday I received a fun parcel in the mail from my sweet friend Linda in the USA. I shared with you recently that she's been working on the Omigosh! quilt also, and she managed to finish her top - what an achievement! And what a darling friend, she sent me all the leftovers that she'd cut out. Such a treat! Linda has an amazing stash, and we share a great love of repro fabrics.

I pieced ten blocks today, and I've already started using the fabrics Linda shared with me. I can't wait to put some more together.

And last of all, just a fun quick pic ... I had tossed some quilts on the lounge to refold and was distracted for some reason ... and when I finally came back to them, something small had taken up residence ...

It has been cold here, so I can understand her wanting to find somewhere warm ... but not my favourite quilts kitty ... it's time to move on!

Chatter soon :-)


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