Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mid August

Hi there lovelies - it's time for me to check in again, though I'd like to do so more often - I always think there's just nothing interesting to share. But to be honest, it's all the small things that make up a bunch of wonderful, so I'll grab a few photos from the camera so you can see what I've been up to.

My own life has gotten a little busier as things are slowly getting back to normal here. We still have many restrictions in place, and so many people are still struggling, but in my little corner of the world, quilting classes have been able to resume in a limited way, and tennis is back in full swing.

I've been hand quilting away on the Phebe project, but photos of that are so very same same. My Rajah-ish quilt has also grown a bit, and here's where it's at right now:

I haven't laid it out on the floor very well, so the centre area is all wonky and wrinkled, but you can see how busy I've been with all the piecing in the borders. Those red and cream half square triangles are one inch finished - I had all those prepped and ready but needed to finish two sides of the purple and tan border.

Also under the needle - an odd project of sorts. I have a steam mop and for whatever reason I only have one cleaning pad that goes with it. I had a brainwave that I could make some more with some old towels and the leftover velcro from the sofa protector project:

These are going to get seriously grimy - it will be good to have a number of them in rotation.

Another thing I did recently was make cupcakes for my wonderful Dad's 70th birthday - I definitely don't bake them as often as I used to ... and I have no idea why?

My sweet friend Bridget made dehydrated oranges and gifted me some, so I thought they'd make a pretty decoration on the orange flavoured cakes. Yum!

Last of all, a couple of weeks ago, I had a call from my darling daughter. She was at Spotlight and wanted to know what kind of fabric was best for making cushions. Well obvs there are many, but she'd found a cotton drill that she liked and was happy to know it would be great. She grabbed all the supplies that she needed and came over for a play date to learn how to sew.

Can I tell you that my heart was so full it was ready to burst! Amy has never been that terribly interested in sewing or quilting, but I knew if the time came, I'd be so ready to help her.

Anyway, she quilted the top of the cushion, and this is the result:

And here is one of the two cushions that she made:

Isn't it just so great? And what a fun quirky fabric. Honestly, it makes my heart just sing that she wants to spend time in my sewing room. Here's hoping I don't get all territorial about my stash lol! Apologies for the quality of these last photos, I think I've messed something up with my settings?!?

I loved the fabric that Amy bought so much that I went out and got some for myself, and also found this sweet peacock fabric, and then one for some bindings. I think I'll make her some matching placemats when I have a chance, and maybe some peacock placemats for us.

Well, that's it from me for now - I hope you're all well and doing okay in these strange times. Big love and hugs from me.


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