Saturday, May 24, 2014

Machine Quilting

These past few days, I've been machine quilting on a charity quilt I received through our guild. People donate completed tops/blocks/fabric to the charity arm of our guild, and when tops are assembled/pinned, they are offered to quilters who have the time and inclination to finish them up.

As soon as I saw this project on stage at a recent meeting, I knew I wanted to be part of finishing it up so it could be handed on to its next home. It's just delightful:

Here is a close up of one of the blocks - they are all beautifully needle-turn appliquéd, and on this block, you can see the lovely gold threads couched in place.

This block is just lovely too, the fabric used in the urn is delightful. You can't see it well in the picture, but the buds at the top of the block are dimensional, and made with a beautiful ribbon.

Some of the other blocks have reverse appliqué, and even gorgeous dimensional carnation looking flowers. So much work was put into making this top, it's puzzling that the maker was able to give it away. I have no clue who made it, but their work is seriously beautiful.

I really hope I can do the quilt top justice, it is a joy to work on - and I know that the eventual recipient of this quilt will just love it!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun in the mail ...

This week I received the most wonderful treat in the mail. My sweet friend Linda S. from Canada (I have a few friends named Linda) sent me the most amazing tin of Reese's candy. She is well aware of my addiction to the stuff and treated me to a selection of Easter Reese's, which we just don't get here.

Yum! I think it would be greedy to keep it all to myself, so I'll share just a little with the kids. Just a little ... And Linda also made me the most darling little quilt - isn't it sweet? I love it all, thank you so much Linda S.

And I was so excited to go to work this week, especially after I learned that the next instalment of the Di Ford project in Quilt Mania had arrived in store. I'm so looking forward to getting busy on it. But take a look, the next step is going to take a while ...

There is quite a lot of appliqué to work on and some tiny hexies to keep me busy. Camo has a birthday party to attend tomorrow after tennis, so I'll get started on the bias stems while he's there. Can't wait!

This evening I'll just settle in with a little hand quilting now that my chores are done. I'll check back in soon - have a great weekend! xox

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Checking in ...

I thought I'd quickly check in and let you all know that I haven't fallen from the face of the earth. These past couple of weeks I've been suffering from bloggers block - I've been doing stuff, but nothing has really felt blog-worthy.

There are a couple of pictures to share though - I've been quilting in stolen moments on my wholecloth quilt - the hoop has been moved once. At this rate of progress, I should be finished by ... ohhh, let's say 2084!!

I do love quilting on this sweet baby, but it doesn't make for exciting pictures ... they all look pretty much the same. Won't it be fun when this quilt finally gets to grace someone's bed? I can't wait :-)

And here's a picture from my Mum's phone. I had my brother extract it on Mothers Day ... it was beyond my Mum's capability to do it, and I have no idea how to work a Samsung phone ... so yay for tech savvy brothers :-)

My facebook friends will have already seen this picture, but it's nice to share anyway. This is Camo and I having dinner in the nice restaurant on the cruise. DH noticed something that I had not ... Camo is playing on his iPod ... hmmm ... I should have recognised that suspicious glowing anywhere ...

In other news, I'm hopeful that the next instalment of the Di Ford mystery will be in my hot little hands soon. I'm dying to see what will happen next. And hopefully I'll have something interesting to share with you all soon ... surely there will be a project that will hold my interest ...

Chatter soon!


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