Monday, July 22, 2013

Happenings ...

So much has been happening - it really gets difficult to find time to share - my blog has been quite neglected lately.

First up: This weekend I'm teaching a class at Hettie's Patch. Such a delightful store, I'm looking forward to it. It's a Christmas in July project, click here for details. I do hope you can make it!

And I've been cooking! Something I don't do enough of ... Last weekend we were invited to dinner at the home of our oldest (as in longest time) friends. I wanted to bring dessert, and so I made Lemon Curd Tarts. I pinned the recipe on Pinterest, and I'll include the link here for you.

I didn't think to take a picture until I'd put them in the container to travel - next time I'll do better and show you how I presented them! Lemon Curd is something I'd never made before, and I'm still amazed by how easy it was. Since we have an abundant lemon tree - filled with Meyer lemons - you can bet I'll be making them again!

Now here's a dirty little secret - I've been watching the Great Australian Bake Off on TV - and I might be just a little hooked! Lo and behold, after my Lemon Curd success, the technical bake off on the Pies episode was Lemon Meringue Pie!! I made it my business to recreate some myself!

Click here for the GABO Lemon Meringe recipe. And another confession: I didn't follow their recipe really. I used a frozen shortcrust pastry sheet, and I used the Lemon Curd recipe from the tarts that I had made earlier in the week. I did use the meringue recipe from GABO, but I piped the extra into a dish just for Camo as he's not really into the curd. You see, the GABO recipe made a pie that could feed up to 10, and I just don't need that much temptation in the house! Anyways ... the pie was delicious - love love loved it! Definitely not Weight Watchers friendly, but Amy has requested it be made again ASAP!

And this last picture was taken by one of our lovely Guild ladies, Candy. I was so happy to lend my Nearly Insane baby to the Guild for display at the Sewing, Stitching and Hand Craft Show at the showgrounds this weekend just gone. And here she is in all her glory.

I was bummed not to be able to get to the show - it was a kid logistics thing. This was the first time this event has been held here, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get to it in coming years. How fun!

Ohhhh, and the class at Quilt Encounter on Tuesday was super fun, I had the best time with lovely students - I'm pretty sure they all went home happy. Once I've done all my homework, I'll share the project with you all.

Have a great week, and I'll chatter soon! xox

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I've been quilting away this weekend, and yesterday I came to something of a milestone ... I reached the outer border for the first time!

I can't get too excited, as there is still plenty to go ... but it does help with the feeling that the finish line is in sight. Alrighty ... I have a couple of chores to finish, and then I'm back to some more quilting! Chatter soon :-)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Quilting and writing notes ...

I'm still quilting on Mrs Billings - had you guessed? I try and move the hoop each day, so I'm progressing really well. It's school holidays here, so I'm spending time with Camo too ... life is busy, busy busy!

Today I finished off a task that I've been working at slowly for a little while. The notes for my class next week are finished - and now that they're done, I can relax and look forward to seeing the girls at Quilt Encounter.

Here's another sneaky peek of the project:

Once the class is done, I can share a picture of the whole thing, and I'm going to make arrangements to sell the patterns on my web page.

Alrighty, it's off to start on dinner, and then I'll be back into the quilting again. Chatter soon! xox


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