Friday, June 11, 2021

Sewing room freedom!

This week I worked on a couple of things in the sewing room - one of them a project that almost needed to have the dust blown off it!

Over the weekend I came up with a feathered wreath quilting pattern I would be happy with for the star crib quilt:

The squares finish at 9.5" and I didn't really have any templates that would fit. I did look to purchase one, but when the shipping was going to be $25 for a $5 template, it just didn't seem worthwhile. I ended up making some circle templates and hand drawing the feathers in between the rings. It worked out quite well really. It'll be interesting to see if I can get them all looking the same.

While on the hunt for a machine piecing project to sink my teeth into, I ran across these scrappy stars that I started many years ago.

I must have gotten distracted by another project at the time, because they had been stuffed in a storage container and forgotten about. I decided to pick up what I had made so far and make up whatever I could with them.

Here's where I'm at so far - there is an un-sewn seam in the middle there, so don't be distracted by my seemingly terrible points! I'll be able to make this small quilt 13x11 blocks, and it'll be a perfect small thing for draping over the lounge while Amy is feeding baby etc. It's amazing how much things need to be laundered when you have a teeny baby, so a scrappy project will be great to handle the rough and tumble.

I hope to have the scrappy star top finished by the end of this long weekend.

Today Mum, Amy, Mary and I visited Ikea, I did have something in mind for storage in the sewing room - but hadn't done any research, so in reality we were just heading there for the fun of it. It was a fun day out, and I did end up finding what I was looking for:

I plan to secure an ironing surface to the top of this trolley - it's actually very sturdy, and my overlocker and coverstitch machines can live on the lowest shelf. I am weary of them being on the floor, and I'm genuinely running out of storage space in the sewing room. I'll keep you posted on how successful this ends up being. Hopefully very!

That is all the news I have for this week, so I'll check back in with you soon!

Friday, June 04, 2021


It feels really great to not have a deadline to race toward. Actually freeing, I can work on anything I like! As you would all well know, I tend to only work on a very limited number of projects at one time - but I'm having a hard time deciding what I'd like to do. Something I'm not very familiar with! I'm giving myself permission to have a few things on the go for a little variety. Like a machine piecing project - a hand quilting project - and an applique project.

I got out the hand pieced tumbler project I've had on slow go for a while now:

I've been contemplating whether I should start piecing this on the machine rather than keep hand piecing, it certainly would get done much quicker! I think I've decided I'll keep hand piecing - it can stay a portable project. But this leaves me unsure what I'd like to machine piece. I'll continue looking and keep you posted.

On Tuesday night I felt the need for some new on-court fashion for Wednesday morning's tennis game, so I put together another tennis skirt - now that I pretty much know what I'm doing they go together quickly.

I seem to be really into plaids at the moment - not something we usually see on court! Did I mention that I caved and bought a cover stitch machine? It makes doing the hems of the skirt and the undershorts so much easier, and the best bonus is that the hems are lovely and stretchy so there are no stitches popping ever! 

And last of all, I've been continuing to get a few hand quilting stitches in the cot quilt wherever I can. I've finished the centre star, and I've quilted four of the pink star points too. 

The quilting for the corner squares and the setting triangles will be a feathered wreath with crosshatching behind it. I'm looking forward to drawing it up.

So that has been my week. Next week I know I'll have more quilting time on my hands - I've been taking Camo to and from his new job while some transport issues were sorted out, I don't need to do that anymore, so there are three hours of each day I get back. Happy days! Chatter soon xox

Friday, May 28, 2021

Another week has just shot by!

That Facebook meme that talked about people going through life saying "Next week will be quieter ..." seems so appropriate at the moment, I keep hoping that my days will soon be less full. 

To that end, my quilting time has been very limited - I did manage to finally get the pattern for 'The People Quilt' crib quilt into my Etsy store - I had some requests for the pattern, so I hope you lovely folk enjoy it, and thank you for being interested!

In stolen moments I put some more hand quilting stitches in the crib quilt I started last week. It's so lovely and soft having been made from precious feedsacks and osnaburg, it will be a really nice quilt for little Mary when she gets big enough for a cot/crib.

Hand quilting is so relaxing, and I love that I'm all set up in the ladies lounge - if I have five minutes spare I can just work a few stitches without fussing about setting up and then putting things away. I am very blessed!

This week I also made up a worry quilt for a friend who is going through some hard times. In my haste to get it away I neglected to take a picture, something that I'm apt to do much too often. And that is my whole week done and dusted - I hope sometime to have more interesting things to share - soon, I promise! xoxox

Friday, May 21, 2021

This week went by so fast!

Isn't it amazing how fast a week can just disappear? I had so much I wanted to achieve this week, and I feel like I've only checked a few things off the never ending to do list ... but I'll share some of the bits and pieces with you ...

Here's where I'm at with Tilly, I'm pretty happy with her for a first go at making a ragdoll - and I was all ready to start making some more clothes for her, but I was struck with some other inspiration and had to go with it:

This is the top of a cot quilt for little Mary - another one! Poor little darling has no idea of the tsunami of hand made items heading her way! I drew it up on Sunday night while the idea was still in my head, and then I started sewing on Monday.

By Tuesday evening I was ready for quilting. I used the paper shapes I'd drawn up to pencil some quilting designs, and then I traced them to freezer paper so I could iron them on the back of the quilt, and then trace the designs to the quilt using my lightbox.

Over the last couple of days I've gotten a little quilting done, and I'm super happy with how it's coming along.

So that's where I'm at with my actual quilting. I've also been attempting to work on my website and write some patterns up. I don't find that quite as much fun so I have to use a work/reward kind of system. Maybe I'll grow up some day ... hehe

Anyway, that's it from me for this week, I'm itching to get back to some hand quilting, so I'll chatter soon! xox

Friday, May 14, 2021

Only a little quilting ...

First up I want to thank my lovely readers that stop by and visit with me, and I love reading any comments that come my way. Just a little info that may affect some of you - I had a reminder this week that the Feedburner email blog service is shutting down soon - I'm not too sure how many people use Feedburner to read my blog, but for people that are looking to continue reading via email, I've popped a link in the sidebar to join an email service with Bloglovin'. I can't give you any information on how it works as I don't personally use an email service, but I do keep my list of blogs I read on Bloglovin', and that works out well for me. 

Anyway, onward with the content:

Last week I mentioned I was going to start putting together the rag-doll Tilly for my little granddaughter:

I decided that I'd like to put one of the clothing items together first as another practice piece, and I'm very happy with how it came together. This is the romper, as pictured in the top right corner on the pattern:

It was such a fun little garment to sew, the instructions were so great! I found the fabric at the Aldi a week or two ago, it didn't seem quite as nice quality as some of the quilting fabrics we can get, but it was perfect for toys!

So, filled with confidence, I started putting Tilly together:

This has been quite a learning experience for me - I'm not used to working on dimensional items, so envisioning how things will look when they're turned through etc has been a bit of a head scratcher, but I'm getting there. The picture above was before I started filling Tilly with stuffing, and the one below I'm still in progress:

I need to get some more fibre-fill tomorrow so I can add a bit more to the head/body and then I can get busy on the arms and legs. I'm looking forward to making some more of the cute little garments too - so much fun!

There has been a little quilting going on too - sometimes I just didn't feel like working on the sewing machine, so I put a few more stitches in the wholecloth quilt:

No matter how much machine quilting I do, I know hand quilting will always be my first love, it's not for everyone, but I find it very relaxing. (Please note that's not a stain on the bottom right of the photo - it's the shadow from my phone - I really do lack great photography skills!)

I think that's everything I wanted to share with you today, so I'll leave off here and check back in with you next week. Chatter soon! xox

Friday, May 07, 2021

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone for all the kind words after my Phebe quilt did so well at our guild show. I genuinely felt really lucky to have won ribbons, as the standard of the show was incredibly high. And to be Quilter in Residence was a great time - each day there were reunions with people I hadn't seen in a while, and being able to show so many people how I work was so much fun.

There were a number of emails I wasn't able to respond to as blogger didn't send me email addresses - Jude, it was a pleasure to help you out with your hexagons - and thank you to Regina, Jean and Lizzy for your sweet comments, and also to Unknown for all the hearts! You all make my heart full!

While at the show I was demonstrating applique techniques, and over the course of the three days, I got most of the following block done:

When I got home and had unpacked, all I needed to put in place were a few of the leaves and the vase, and now it's ready for stitching. This is the fifth block, only eleven to go! I also got soooo many of the little berries prepared for upcoming blocks and the border - they were fast and easy to demonstrate so I made sure to do lots of them.

After the show was over, it was like a little pressure had lifted - there is no longer anything urgent that MUST be worked on, so I did a little stitching on a pattern I've been dying to get to:

Meet Elliot - I purchased the pattern from Etsy a little while back - and he was destined to be a small practice piece to see if I have what it takes to make a rag-doll for little Mary. Turns out I have the patience to make small things that aren't flat like a quilt, so I can go ahead and start toy production:

Do visit with Jodie on Etsy - her shop is RicRacSews - she has the most delightful patterns and lovely pins and doodads too. I have a few of her patterns now and they're very easy to follow and look fabulous. Hopefully I'll be able to check in next week with something fabulous to share with you all. Chatter soon! xox

Friday, April 30, 2021

Phebe did me proud!

Just a quickie post, I’m exhausted after a busy day at the guild show today. Phebe has done me proud and picked up a few awards:

I’m beyond thrilled, and I’ll check  back in with you all next week when I’ve floated back down to earth! xox 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Wholecloth - some hand quilting :-)

This will be a quickie post this evening, as I'm babysitting little Miss Mary. She will be six weeks old tomorrow, and is a delightful diversion :-)

There hasn't been much time for quilty pursuits this week, but when I had the opportunity I put some more stitches in the wholecloth quilt. I enjoyed revisiting it so much last week - it hasn't been that long since I finished hand quilting on Phebe, but I obviously missed it.

I did enough quilting to move the hoop twice, and I'm thrilled with how it's looking. 

I'd love to simply keep going and get a whole chunk of quilting under my belt, but from now I really need to get ready for the quilt show next week. My entry is all ready, but I need to label the bag. And because I'm quilter in residence I have a display of quilts ready - three of the quilts need hanging sleeves, so I must get that done in good time. I can't wait for the show, after all the delays, it's exciting that it's almost here.

Anyway, must get back to babysitting duties - chatter soon! xox


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