Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last night I finished up quilting on a really big project, so today I've been feeling like a little bit of a weight has been lifted. Faced with some free time this afternoon, I wanted to sew on something mindless.

Rummaging around in my 'project' boxes, I found some tumblers I'd cut a while back. They're awfully cute, so I cut some more from my 3.5" scrap strips, and started piecing them together. Loving it! I think this can be a new leader and ender project. I'm growing a little tired of nine patches and similar things.

I have used the EZ Quilting tumbler template. I own quite a few of their shapes now. At first, I found the template slipped around a bit, so I put some clear grip on the back, and it stays in place like a dream. On the template, two of the corners are notched so that the shapes line up neatly - I love that! Makes piecing so much easier.

I'm going to do some chores now - I'm feeling like doing a little Flyladying, and when that urge hits me, it's really a good idea not to ignore it ... so ttfn :-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can't Wait!

I can't wait for the Christmas Pageant this year. Here in Adelaide it's the time when hard core Christmas fans can officially begin decorating for the season.

Of course, lots of people wait until the actual month of December to roll around, but I love it and just can't wait that long :-)

And this year is no exception. I'm ready to begin decorating NOW! I wonder if it's inspired because some of our local stores started putting out their decorations last month. September for goodness sake. That's too early, even for me.

Anyways, I just had to share my most recent Christmas purchases. I've been looking for some Nutcracker dolls for a little while now, and I happened upon these ones yesterday. The one in back is 20 inches tall, and the three in front are 15 inches tall. I just love them, and had to bring them home with me. There were some other ones, but tried my best to show a little restraint and only bought the four. Now I just need to wait ...

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Quilting

Here's the reverse side of some quilting I did today. Finished the top - yay! - check one more off the list.

I'm happy with this one - no thread bobbles on the reverse. Some more practice with the back-tracking, and I'll be entirely thrilled. Happy days :-)

I noticed after I posted my 'Turning Four-T' blocks last time that I have made them up wrong! The newest blocks should not have the background fabric in the middle. Makes sense now - I couldn't figure out why I hadn't cut that piece. I had - but with the correct fabric. After I've finished my chores tonight, I'll put the blocks to rights. I don't think I can live with them as they are.

Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about Jenny's quilt. I don't know if there is a pattern available for the quilt - I learned when she collected it that she made it up at a workshop. When I next see her I'll check to see who the designer is and if they have released the pattern for sale. Chatter soon. xox

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stitching Saturday

Today I decided I would allocate a day all to myself. No working on projects for others - only mine - and it was wonderful! I put the final borders on the little Christmas project, quilted and bound it, and finally added the little bows. I think it's kinda cute - and especially love the gold thread I used for quilting - even if I did have a few breakages today.

And next I worked on a few more of my Turning Four-T blocks. I shall have to get a hurry on with these - or I'll have to rename it 'Turned Four-T'. I've got sixteen blocks now, so nine to go and I can start putting it all together.

Tomorrow it's back to quilting like mad - if I'm really good I may get some piecing time in the evening. I'll have my fingers crossed :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jenny's Quilt

Isn't this quilt just lovely? It was made by Jenny who kindly agreed for me to share a picture with you.

Jenny has made so many gorgeous quilts, and I've been so lucky to be able to quilt on a number of them for her.

This pattern is just delightful and I feel like I may have to make one for myself. I'll add it to the very-very long list that I have.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some progress ...

I've only had a little sewing time to myself this week, so I was really glad to get some more of my Xmas project put together today. It's starting to look like something now :-)

Next I need to add the side borders, put a small red bow where the ribbon meets the baubles, and then it'll be ready for quilting.

Will I be able to make a series of these before Christmas is upon us? I hope so ... but I don't think I'll be making too many gifts this year. Sometimes the merry-go-round of life spins very quickly, and we just have to hang on!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little by little ...

Even though I haven't progressed very much, here's a sneaky peek of where I'm at with my little Xmas project.

Doesn't look very interesting yet, does it? I hope to get a chance to work on it some more later on today.

First on the agenda is to clean out the TV cabinet in the family room. We've purchased a new one, and I'm really looking forward to putting it in place.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Project

I've quilted 8 quilts in the past week, and I'm just dying for some piecing time. I need to have a demonstration piece finished in the next four weeks, so I decided it was high time I get on it.

I picked up a couple of bits and pieces at the quilt store today, scratched up a plan that really could only be understood by myself, and I'm about ready to get going on it.

It's not a secret project or anything, so I'll share my progress - and if it looks anything like the idea I have in my head, it could actually be quite pretty. Let's see how this goes :-)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Feather Quilting

I love quilting feathers, and I'll take any opportunity to practice. These ones can be seen best from the back of the quilt. Love love love them!

Need to work on those thread bobbles though. Every quilt is a learning experience :-)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Website Housekeeping

I've just had to change the hosting site for my website Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the site - I'm pretty sure all has gone well, but you just never know.

Also, I know that a few may have bookmarked or linked to the site with the old hosting address. This would have been as a result of me still learning finer points about hosting and things like 'forward with masking'. But anyways, the upshot is this: If your bookmark/link doesn't work anymore, change it to: and everything should be fine.

Thank you so much!


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