Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Project

I've quilted 8 quilts in the past week, and I'm just dying for some piecing time. I need to have a demonstration piece finished in the next four weeks, so I decided it was high time I get on it.

I picked up a couple of bits and pieces at the quilt store today, scratched up a plan that really could only be understood by myself, and I'm about ready to get going on it.

It's not a secret project or anything, so I'll share my progress - and if it looks anything like the idea I have in my head, it could actually be quite pretty. Let's see how this goes :-)


bingo~bonnie said...

ooough a new project - how fun! and you are GONNA Share progress photos with us!! Fun! Fun! :) Love the Christmas Fabrics... and wanted to say your "NOEL" turned out so pretty!

I'll be back... have a great day.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Trudi said...

Looks like one of my plans too! Great fabrics, looking forward to seeing your progress :o) thanks for sharing!

Clare said...

Looks to me as if the "C" word might have something to do with it. Those colours are definitely Christmasy

SubeeSews said...

I see ornaments in Attic Windows...beautiful fabrics and I LOVE your feathers!

Wendyb said...

looking at the fabrics, it's sure to be a winner!!!
Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

Rebecca said...

Ahhh Christmas is only around the corner I have so much to do but I love the fabric.
Hugs Bec

*karendianne. said...

Oh Tazzie...

This should be fun. I'm looking forward with smiles. *karendianne.

quiltygal said...

Ohh love a new project....shame I never seem to finish much:( the way my link to you works fine.:)


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