Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris' Crosses

One of the lovely ladies from the quilt store made up a quilt using cross blocks, and it was just delightful. She put me on to the pattern, and I knew I'd be making some crosses of my own in no time.

The pattern called for 3" strips and squares, but because I don't cut that size for my scrap boxes, I decided to use my 2.5" scraps instead.

I made myself a promise today that I could spend up until midday in the sewing room, and then after that I need to do chores. Most especially - clean Camo's room. Something I really have to psyche myself up to. I've got 12 more minutes to myself ... wonder if I can crank out one more block!

Thank you so much Chris - I'm going to be calling my quilt "Chris' Crosses".

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My goodness I'm easily distracted. I've gone and got myself addicted to Farmville on Facebook. Send help ... please ...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Betsy

Today I received the most lovely gift - it came to me all the way from Betsy in Maine.

Betsy had been living here for a couple of years, and for the last several months had been coming along to classes with me at the shop. It was so sad when it was time for her to go home to the USA, but she will always have wonderful friends here.

Isn't the sentiment in the stitchery just lovely? Truly words to live by. Thank you Betsy, I miss you! xox

Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrap Bag

Quite a while back I placed an order at Hancocks of Paducah, a Moda Scrap Bag being one of the items. I guess they were out of stock at the time, as I quickly received the rest of my order. I duly forgot about the scrap bag - until last week when a little parcel arrived.

It really is the cutest thing. I thought they were leftovers from when they make jelly rolls, so I was very puzzled when all my strips have selvedges attached. It took me a while to figure out that these must be the leftover edges from charm square packs and layer cakes. Makes sense when you think of the maths involved.

Now, I need more fabric like a hole in the head, but the dedicated scrapper that I am, I know I'm going to have fun with these strips!

Ohhh, and I have to report that the Peach Pound Cake from my last post was a huge success. There are no photographs - I'm sure you can imagine that it barely had time to cool from the oven before it was devoured!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the mail & a little piecing

Earlier this week I received the most delightful treat in the mail. My dear blogging friend Michele from Sugar Bowl House had recently achieved a blogging milestone, and I was one of the lucky recipients of her celebratory gifts. Michele is the sweetest person, and I feel so lucky to be her buddy - do stop by and say 'Hi', she has been working on some Very Special Projects lately. The gifts are so sweet, I love the Christmas project, and I especially love the book and the sentiment behind it. Thank you Michele!

And on the sewing front - these are some blocks I've been putting together over a long period of time. Many of the blocks were already made - they're Double Irish Chain blocks inspired by one of Bonnie's Leader and Ender projects. I just had to make a couple more blocks, and I've now started putting the top together. I'd like to start quilting this weekend if I can - fingers crossed :-)

I'm definitely on the mend now - my doctor prescribed some fabulous antibiotics and my cough is really starting to clear up. I did have a little nap today, but I definitely have more energy. I even felt like moving around in the kitchen! We have roast beef, onion gravy and potatoes in the slow cooker, and I'm toying with making a peach pound cake this afternoon. I found the link on someones blog (sorry - don't remember who's) but I feel sure it is going to be super yummy!

Last of all - a big HI to JulieJaz who has come out of lurkdom to comment recently. I visited at your blog to add my greetings, but for some reason the commenting wasn't working. And thank you to everyone who has stopped by to check up on me - you're treasures :-)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scrapping a little more ...

Marty got called away to a work emergency this evening, so I've put in a little time in the sewing room.

I've now finished the last of my current 'leader and ender' blocks, so they're ready to be sewed together into a top.

I'm not sure right now if I want to just go ahead and put the top together (because I'm not sure of fabrics yet), or if I want to get busy organising my next leader and ender project. I'm feeling like I want to make braids again.

We have a lazy day at home tomorrow, so it's going to be filled with lots of quilty possibilities. :-)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Nine Four T's

In the foreground are my latest three 'Four T' blocks. It's fun hauling my reproduction blue fq's out of the closet and putting them to good use. For some reason I don't seem to go to the fq's as often as the scraps or the yardage.

I'll be making a total of 25 blocks - then I can start the search for 'The Perfect' sashing and cornerstone fabrics. I had a quick looky in the closet today and I'm just not sure yet. I think it will depend somewhat on the variety of blues in the mix.

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. I'm still not 100%, but getting better everyday. If I could just stop coughing so much, everything would be rosy. I'll be patient, and my energy will return.

I'm heading back into the sewing room for a little play, and then an early night for me. Toodles :-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Four-T's

Whew - a little housekeeping needed here. Let me just blow the dust off this blog - it's been a little time since I've been around. Not because I've been desperately busy leading a fabulous life, but because I've caught a nasty flu bug. Hopefully the worst is over and I'll have more energy again soon :-)

This morning I was just pining for my sewing maching, so I made up another three of my Turning Four-T blocks. Love love love them. And like a good little scrapper, was able to run a few seams on my leaders and enders blocks. I'm going to enjoy this project once I can really get my teeth into it.

But now, I'm actually quite exhausted, so I'm going to get a quick nap in before I go get the kids from school. Amazing how much energy can be sapped and how quickly. I'll check in soon xox

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Magazine Fun and Scrapping Indecisively

My Dogtooth Violets quilt came back to me in the mail yesterday. And tucked into the box was a copy of the magazine. Here's a little sneaky peek for you all to see.

The magazine is Australian Patchwork and Quilting - Volume 18, Number 4. I notice they've stopped putting the month and the year on the magazine again - I wonder why? In any case, they've photographed the quilt beautifully, if only I could arrange things at home so artfully :-)

And on the weekend I had a few minutes to myself late at night. It was too late to organise another top for quilting, so instead I took a look at my 'leaders and enders'. I'm not usually completely indecisive, but I thought I had a better idea with the layout. I ripped the four blocks apart that I showed a few days ago, and added squares around the edge of all of them.

This morning I thought about them some more. Maybe I could set them on point with this yellow reproduction as sashing strips. I'll then have a little think about what I could use as setting triangles.

I wonder if this project will banish all the 2" reproduction fabrics from my scrap box? I have a feeling ... not!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

An Important Step

On Thursday morning, a big step was taken toward an important project for this year. I started making the blocks for my 'Turning Four-T' quilt.

It's quite the milestone, so I'm using some of my favourite fabrics. Amongst those are some precious conversationals that my wonderful friend Linda sent me quite a while back. I have seven fat quarters, which is not quite enough, so I'm going to intersperse them with a light tea dye fabric. Had I decided not to make a pieced border, the conversations may have been plenty, but I'm a scrappy quilt girl, so I'll love 'making do'.

In other news, my 'Dogtooth Violets' quilt has just come out in print in Australian Patchwork and Quilting. I haven't received my copy in the mail just yet, but I'll share as soon as I have it. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled - I just love the quilt!


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