Sunday, April 14, 2019

Back to normal ... or something like it ...

Hello! It has taken a long time for life to return to normal after Amy's wedding. The lead up to the big day was pretty exhausting, the celebration was so much fun, the days afterward during the 'take down' exhausting once again ... and what I wasn't expecting was the fatigue for weeks afterward!

I should explain - Amy and Mark were offered the use of a family friend's vineyard as the location for the ceremony and the reception. It was so very generous of the lovely people that owned the property, but because it's not a place that hosts weddings on the regular - we needed to do so much to ensure the 150 guests would have everything they needed. This is the very picturesque location:

I enlisted the help of a wedding coordinator, but there was still so much to be ordered and delivered into the foothills: A marquee that could fit the guests and all other items in the event of inclement weather, a bar, fridges to accommodate all the drinks/alcohol - and then we had to load them, bar tables, benches, tables and chairs, pews, electrical for lighting, portable bathrooms, photo booth, lounges, catering, speakers for music and speeches ... ohhh it went on and on.

Amy asked me to make cupcakes and a top tier cake for cutting, as well as gingerbread people for bomboniere, and the cakes I did do, but I outsourced the gingerbread, thinking I just wouldn't be able to juggle all the things in the time I had available. I haven't managed to find a picture of the top tier, but here are all the cupcakes and the flowers I made for the cutting cake:

Hopefully I'll be able to share some more pictures once we receive everything from the photographer.

Because I had such a busy day running around working with the wedding coordinator, I didn't manage to find myself in front of anyone's camera that I've seen so far, but there will be some of the official pictures I'm sure, but I can share what I wore on the day :-)

It was hard to find a dress that I liked as I'm not in great shape at the moment. Five months of not being active on the court has taken it's toll. But I loved the dress when I saw it, and then had the fun of finding some shoes to match. These ones winged their way to me from Tasmania after a little while of searching. I'm truly a lucky girl that I have a sample size foot - shoes just seem to fit me well!

Anyway, we made it through all the things, a lovely day was had by all, and here is the first pic sent through by the photographer:

Isn't it a lovely picture? I'm looking forward to seeing more of them, shouldn't be long now!

So now that all the wedding fun is behind us, I've been spending a little time in the sewing room and also working on things that I selected as my goals for this year. Last year I made it my mission to make macarons, and I managed to do that in a passable way. This year it's my goal to pick up the French language again, and also to learn how to make clothes.

I studied French while I was in high school for two years, so I can sort of remember the basics, but certainly couldn't carry on a conversation. I've been using the DuoLingo app for a little while now, and I can definitely see improvement. I hope I can keep it up.

And regarding sewing garments, I had tried a few bits and pieces, also as a teenager, but that was limited to running in the seams on a pair of jeans, or very minor alterations/mending. I have been inspired by Laurie Perry ( - but honestly her Instagram is the place to go), and then lately I found the blog of Gertie - so much more inspiration! I bought her book and I was ready to rock and roll!

Next up, supplies:

And before you know it, I'd made the pencil skirt in her book. I was assured by people in the know that a skirt is the way to go for beginners, but that I'd chosen a challenging fabric to start with. Here are the results:

The skirt fits well and I'm pretty happy with my pattern matching on the side seams. Yay! Who knows what I'll tackle next, but I know I have a boiled wool coat in my future, because I found a brooch on Etsy that had to be mine ... and I made it so:

Isn't it just adorable? Apparently it's from the 1950's - I just know I'll be able to wear it with lots of things. Nothing like planning your winter wardrobe around a cute piece of jewellery.

To keep things quilt related, here is something I worked on for a sweet friend. Lovely Betty made this quilt top from Jo Morton's Little Favourites 3 book - she's not much interested in quilting, and since it was not large I said I'd quilt it for her:

I loved the look of the top, and was so happy with the quilting that I've added this to the list of projects I'd like to make in the future, it's just darling.

And last of all, I'm back working on the star exchange that I'm doing with some of my lovely USA friends. I'd best get busy on it as I understand they've finished their blocks, I've a way to go, but hopefully I can get it all done in the school holidays:

Well, I've pretty much written a thesis here, so if you're still with me, you're all caught up on what's going on in my world. Hopefully I'll be able to write more regularly now that my life is all back to normal. Chatter soon! xox


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