Sunday, October 26, 2014

And now life can return to (something like) normal ...

Finally the big beastie "Omigosh! I still have scraps!" quilt is finished. I took it in to work on Thursday so the girls could have a looky - I had just finished the binding on Wednesday night:

You can see a little of the quilting on the bit that's overhanging the table ... but only if you look really carefully. This is one busy quilt!

And here you can just see the fabric I chose for the binding - it's a cute dark blue repro with a small beige pattern with red berries. I don't think it really would have mattered what fabric I used in the border and the binding - the piecing seems to really divert the eye.

Now that I'm done, I've been able to get busy with some more of the appliqué on the Di Ford Montmellick mystery. I'm getting really close to being done with the broderie perse now, and I'm thrilled!

Just a few little doodads to add in the top left hand corner, and a few motifs on the right that you can see there. And though you can't see, I need to add a few leaves to the bottom right corner piece. If I'm a good girl, I may be able to finish it tomorrow. And the next step will be to add the background for the next round. A whole bunch of appliqué melons. I'm looking forward to them.

But first I have to fix an oops in the pieced triangle border at the top ... I'm glad I noticed it before I got too much further ... can you see it??

The two hourglass units in the centre need to be taken out and rotated one quarter turn each. I have two lights next to each other, and two darks next to each other - oops! I would have kicked myself if I didn't find that until I was working on the quilting!

Well, that's all the exciting quilting news that's happening here. Apart from the belief that I've chosen my next project ... the Burnt Quilt, which is in Di Ford's Primarily Quilts book. We'll see if I actually make a start on that project ... my record for false quilt starts has not been the best lately ...

Chatter soon xox

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Holiday Happenings

Hi all! School holidays mean I've had little time to myself, Camo and I have had a mini-break with my Mum, Nanna and Amy - we went down to Goolwa for a few days. Such a nice time, and I managed to find a sweet little quilt store too!

In the evenings there, I managed to finish up the binding on the Christmas Tree Skirt I made for my friend Kath, I'm just thrilled, as I can send it home with her hubby - all the guys are having a weekend away. So here's the finished skirt:

Don't forget that if you love it, the pattern is a quick and very inexpensive download at my Etsy store.

And yesterday I visited with my sweet friend Lizzy to see how Omigosh! is coming along. I'm thrilled with how Lizzy's quilting it, and I hung around a little while to help bury threads.

Here's my sweet friend at work:

And here are a couple of pictures up close of the fabrics, and the quilting too:

Because the quilt is so busy, it's hard to see the quilting very well, but I bet it'll look fabulous from the back. See that mid blue fabric above - that's the fabric from my first ever quilt I told you about a little while back.

The top narrow borders have been quilted too, but once again - busy fabrics make the quilting hard to see.

So, they're all the photos I have to share in my phone - I can't believe I didn't even manage to take any while we were on our little break. Over the next few days I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in binding, a label and a hanging sleeve for this quilt, so things could get a little quiet again. I promise I'll check in really soon!


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