Monday, November 30, 2020

Just made it in time for November!

Hey there, I just made it in time! I wanted to get a post in this month, and it's still November for another 30 minutes here. I better make it fast as I have to get up early - so I'll grab a few random photos from my camera and see how I go!

I'm still quilting away on the baby quilt - nine of the twelve blocks are done, and then the border, it won't take long from here. I've paused just for a short while while I get a couple of Christmas suprises done, and I'll share those with you in the next post. For now they're secret squirrel projects.

Gosh, these photos have jumped out of the camera in some crazy order - but I'll go with it! Is anyone a fan of the TV show Escape to the Chateau? Well, we're mad keen fans in this house, and we've decided we'd drop everything and move to a 45 room chateau in France if we had the chance! Anyway ... the hubster and I were watching along and he saw them using vintage egg coddlers to cook eggs and declared we needed some. I looked for the longest time - they're available on eBay for crazy prices (mostly due to shipping to Australia) - and after lamenting to buddies, some of my lovely quilting friends rallied to the cause. I now have two large ones and a small one - aren't they darling! I truly have the best quilting friends :-)

And here is this year's Christmas tree ... obviously before I put the skirt in place. I just love decorating the tree, and it's usually a whole day effort :-)

A local shopping trip yielded some delights for $10.00 per metre. A great price for us. It would have been irresponsible to leave it behind! Oops - the photo came out sideways, but oh well lol!

Now this is an exciting fabric - it's actually a Jane Austen backing, but I've decided it will be the background fabric for my next project. If the photos came out in a good order, the picture would be next, but it hasn't worked out that way. Once I'm all caught up here, I'm going to start working on Sue Garman's Lily Rosenberry quilt. I cannot wait!

This book came in the mail this week - it's a real oldie, it was around when I was working on my Dear Jane quilt, and it's out of print now. I wanted to find a copy and I would see it around for sometimes as much as $100 which seemed crazy. But I saw a copy on Ebay for $20 plus $8 shipping so I jumped on it. Even it I don't make it, it's lovely just to browse through.

And this is a not great picture of the quilt I'm going to tackle next. I'm so looking forward to it. Most likely it will be an exercise in perseverance with all those berries to be appliqued, but when have I shied away from a challenge? I think I'll be ready to start after Christmas. Even though that's a month away, things always get busy in the lead up.

And that's my speedy blog post for this evening. I got through it all before midnight, so it's off to bed for me now. I'll catch up with all my emails tomorrow, so I'll chatter soon! xox


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