Sunday, March 12, 2017

Block Exchange

For many years now I have been an honourary member of the Quilt Batts quilt group - the members are all lovely friends of mine in the USA, and I love visiting with them when I am stateside. At one of their retreats early in each year they exchange Christmas blocks, and I'm part of the exchange, but usually from afar.

My block arrived in the mail this week, and I was the lucky recipient of a block from Liz:

Isn't the block just fabulous? All those tiny pieces and the precise points. Thank you so much Liz, I just love it!

And this is the block I made for Deb:

Oops, the block is sideways in the picture, but you get the idea :-) I put the block together just after Christmas so I was still feeling festive, and you may recognise the feature fabric as a fairly recent purchase at Hetties.

I have the name of the person I'll be exchanging with next year, and I have plenty of time to think of what I'd like to make them. Happy days! :-)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilting progress ...

Quilting is progressing apace on my Caswell quilt. Some days all I can think of is quilting, and other days it's really hard to face it ... but I keep plugging away, knowing that each stitch is another one closer to the finished quilt.

This is block 16 of the 25 that I've used in this quilt. I finished it this morning after a big effort last night. My goal was to get it done before I went to bed, but it was just getting too late and my eyes were feeling tired ... so I succumbed to sleep.

This evening I'm quilting the adjacent triangles and sashing strips, and I hope to get busy on the next block tomorrow after tennis.

I'm still debating over what project I'm going to work on next. Each time I go to quilt group or to work I'm tempted by every single thing that my friends are working on, and I'm dying to do some piecing again. I have a few months to think about it, and I can't wait! Chatter soon :-)


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