Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where is the week going?

Heavens, Thursday is almost finished already? Where does the week go? And why does it always go there so fast?

Well, given today is Thursday, that means that today I spent some more time at the quilt store *yay* :-) A couple of students and some more time to spend on the lovely Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I've included a picture for you to have a looky at. Sorry it's not so clear, it's a cell phone picture - and an inexperienced operator *lol*

A nice lady made the blocks up, and she has been unwell, so the shop offered to make it up for her. Over the past three Thursdays I've been cutting up all the bits, trimming the blocks to size, and now sashing all the pieces together. There is one row of blocks to add, and then the borders. I'm looking forward to getting to the quilting, that will be a lot of fun.

And another little bit of show and tell from the shop. Each term I try and give the girls a pattern they can work up with their scraps, and this mat is one that Robyn has put together. I think she made six altogether, and they look just lovely. Last term they worked on the 'Among the Evergreens' table runners, and some of the blocks were put into Maureen's quilt. I have Robyn's table runner at home right now, I've recently quilted it for her, so I'll try and remember to take a picture to share with you.

And last of all, because I just can't help myself, some of the spare Shoo Fly blocks I made the other day have been made into coasters, and they're in the Etsy store. I'm loving all the quilting practice I'm getting. Today has been a piecing and quilting day ... and tomorrow I must applique!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shoo Fly Table Runner

Today I just could not face any more applique. I know I'll be ready to work on it again soon, so instead I allowed myself to start something else.

I made up a 'Shoo Fly Table Runner'. I love these things, and I just loooove the feature fabric in it. I've put it in my Etsy store. Because I clearly need to supplement my stash, I'm using up bits and pieces and any funds I accumulate I'm going to put toward stash enhancement. That's the plan!

I also made up a further four Shoo Fly blocks, and when I have the chance I'll quilt them up and bind them to be used as coasters.

For the runner, I used my favourite free motion quilting - you all have seen it before so many times - the peacock feathers. And since I loved the results so much from when I used the silver flecked thread in the bobbin, I decided I'd do it again. I'm so glad I found the little sticker that told me it was to be used in the bobbin. I seriously thought I'd purchased $40.00 worth of rubbish thread. Yay me ... if all else fails ... read the directions :-)

I think I'll try and get in a little applique before I go to bed ... I didn't think I would want to ... but I think it's calling me ... :-)

Monday, August 27, 2007

More applique ...

This project is starting to take shape now ... and from this point on is going to be kind of slow going.

I'm appliqueing the border pieces, the one in the foreground is about two thirds done. I wanted to cut out all the larger melon shapes before I set to cutting out all the smaller leaves for the middle block, just to make sure I had enough larger pieces to go round. I'm working with scraps of fabric now - all the larger pieces have been used in the sisters choice blocks. (you can just see them all there in the background)

So you can imagine where I'm heading ... the centre block will have a narrow dark border, then the setting triangles will be appliqued in a similar way to the centre block. Then another narrow dark border, followed by the sisters choice blocks. Another dark border, and then a leafy fabric for the final border from one of the Jo Morton ranges.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A start on the applique ...

Here's what I was working on yesterday. The beginnings of the centre applique block for my Sister's Choice medallion. I used one of those bias maker tools for the first ever time, and I have to say, I'm impressed! The bias strips I made are 1/4" wide. I got a great tip from a friend - use thin pieces of leftover fusible webb to attach the strips to the block, and then go crazy with your favourite applique technique. I'm sold!

Ohh, and pay no attention to the placement of the leaves - they're just where they fell as I cut them out ...

I actually became so consumed with the bias strips that I was almost late picking the kids up from school. I just 'lost time'. To park in the same postcode as the kids schools I have to leave home almost 30 minutes before school gets out. I knit in the car for a little, then amble over to Cam's classroom, and then we head back to the car and wait a further 20 minutes for Amy to appear. It will be so much easier when they're in the same school next year. Yesterday I was only 10 minutes late leaving, and I was very lucky to get a park. Whew!

Before starting the applique, I finished up the last of the Sister's Choice blocks - I needed a total of 16, and I also started cutting out the applique pieces for one of the borders. I really hope I have enough of the fabrics I'm working with - I'll see how I go.

On the netball front, Amy's school team had a big win last night 37 - 7, and this morning her club team had an amazing win, against a team that had beaten them soundly on two previous occasions. I don't remember the score but the margin was around 10 points. I'm one very proud parent. The balance of this weekend will contain more Flyladying in the study, and as much quilting as I can pack in. I'm lovin' it!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Sisters Choice blocks

Twelve Sisters Choice blocks down, four to go. They're all cut out and ready to sew. I just need to find a few spare minutes to put them together.

I really love the cream and black plaid fabric in the corners of three of the blocks. I'm going to try and find some more - most of the fabrics I've used in these blocks were only small pieces.

Once the blocks are done, I'll start work on the applique centre panel and the first applique border. I'm loving how this project is coming along!

Today (and yesterday) I worked all day at the quilt store. Today was really fun, I did some work on a quilt for a customer. It's a lovely Sunbonnet Sue project, the lady did the applique, and she's unwell, so we're putting the rest together for her. I wish I took a picture - maybe next week I'll remember. It's made with the most lovely pinks and the applique is something to see!

Better run - it's time to take Amy to dancing. I promise to post something more newsy soon! x o x

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nothing Quilty

** Late Edit** You will all be pleased to know that I've just placed an order with Z&S Fabrics. Their sale has come at just the perfect time. Just 6 yards - which is what will fit into a Global Priority Envelope. I don't know that I'll be removing my fabric diet badge - I won't go on a big binge. Judicious sale purchasing is what is in order. Who knew that I'd become a cautionary tale ... "When good fabric diets go bad!"

No quilting going on in this house right now. I'm really dying to get back into the Sisters Choice quilt, but not just yet. My 'stash sort' has turned into a full blown 'Flylady' session in the Study/Sewing Room, and I'm in the middle of rearranging the whole room!

It's quite a large room, and it contained two desks (one is a computer desk) two bookcases, my cutting table, sewing table, a sideboard/storage thingy and the guest bed.

My goal is to get rid of one bookcase, one desk and the sideboard. With the two new closets I have been able to toss the sideboard, I'm in progess of paring down all the books into one bookcase, and then I'll be able to lose the extra desk. While I'm doing this, I'm also working thru accumulated paperwork and clutter. I've pared down my quilting magazines too, I'm going to take some to the shop tomorrow to donate to anyone who'd like them. It's a big job, but I'll really feel like I've accomplished something at the end!

And here is my latest finish. A new mitt. This is my 'car work'. I tend to spend a bit of time in the car waiting on the kids, so I always have a small project in there to work on. I finished this one up waiting for Amy after netball training. I did have to sew in the ends and finish up the thumb at home

The needles are in the car waiting for the opportunity to cast on the next one. It may be spring before it's finished though. This yarn was given to me by Maureen (the recipient of the surprise quilt). She was the person who first gave me the confidence to work on four needles and hence make socks. She's such a honey.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm shortly having a 'play date' with my friend Karen, we'll have a fun stitching afternoon with lots of chatter and laughter. Have a great day. x o x

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aida Cloth

Just a quick note - can anyone use some cream and some white Aida cloth? I don't do any cross stitch anymore, and rather than throw it away, would like to see it go to a good home. Just drop me an email and I'll organise to mail it to you.
x o x


Patti really started something with the reorganisation of her sewing room. Hanne has been hard at work too, and yesterday I let some moths out of my purse and purchased two closets for my sewing room.

I've never really had a good sort out in my stash before, and I'm now realising that I have some 'stash issues'. It will become painfully clear when I explain a few things ...

On the top of the closet are some of my scrap boxes - they won't stay there, they're just giving me some room to work in, and the ones in the closet most likely won't stay there either. There are two large blue tubs in front of the closet - they're full of fat quarters and unsorted scraps.

The top shelf in the closet is my Thimbleberries yardage and the white for my DJ and some osnaburg. Yes - that's all of my Thimbleberries yardage!?! But the worst of it is yet to come .... the second shelf is ALL my other yardage! All of it! I really thought I had a lot more - this is a worrying sign.

I actually thought I had a LOT of fabric, but it turns out it's actually mostly fat quarters, skinny quarters and smaller. Which leads me to my question - does anyone have tips for a good way to fold fat and skinny quarters neatly for in the closet? Any tips would be appreciated.

I'm clearly needing some stash enhancement, I will struggle to find borders/sashes and any other coordinates in this lot. This is really unexpected! It's also looking like I'll be scrap quilting for a good long while - there is a lot of small stuff to get thru!

I still have a whole other closet to use, and some of my books and magazines are going in that one too. We're having a big room re-shuffle and clean out - it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the sewing room/study is the most cluttered (and most used) room in the house. Gosh, I'm worn out thinking about it ... makes me really appreciate how hard Patti worked in her sewing room!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The P*** Book

I just thought I'd include a quick link to the P*** for Women. I should have thought about not using the 'P' word in the last post - I shudder to think what kind of google search results will come up!!

And I had to include a picture of the book - thank you Amazon for having such an easy and understanding search engine!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bears in the Garden

My Bears in the Garden quilt is due to come out in Australian Patchwork and Quilting next week, so this week the quilt and the 'in progress' pieces were returned to me.

The block is quite a nice size at 18" so last night I decided I'd quilt it and make it into a nice table topper for a small table. It's a cute block, so I didn't want it to end up in the 'orphan block' pile.

Not much stitching of my own going on today, I worked at the quilt store this afternoon, and this morning had a little shopping and posting to do. One of my shopping jaunts was to a local quilt store that has 40% off storewide. Of course I couldn't miss that - so did a little stash enhancement. I'll share a picture late in the week - I forgot to take a pic. The sale is on until the end of the month, so I'll definitely have to go back. My stash of greens and blues has really diminished, and I can always use more variety in my background fabrics, so I got a little of those too.

The second picture is an amusing one - I wish I could show you so many more. It is Cheryl's birthday today, and one of the girls from the quilt store purchased her this hysterical book. I think the name of the book was 'Women's Porn' or something like that, and it was just filled with quotes and pictures similar to the one I'm sharing ... Can you imagine it ... "As long as I have legs to walk on, you'll never have to take out the garbage". If that happened here ... I'd wonder who's house I'd stumbled into ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sneaky Peek

Here is a quick sneaky peek at what I've been working on this morning. This is a start toward a medallion quilt I designed a little while back, and since Sisters Choice blocks are among my favourites, why not give them pride of place.

I had planned to start working on this quilt long before now, but you know how life and other projects can get in the way. It's also the quilt that Australian Patchwork and Quilting requested last month but I just couldn't manage. I now have a new deadline for October, which is so much more achievable right now.

Something else I need to think about is whether or not I will put an entry in our guild show this year. The show is in November and I have entered every year for about the past six years, so I'm feeling like I should, but I'm not sure what I'd like to enter. I have until next month to think about it, so I'll pop my thinking cap on. Last year I entered the miniature, so maybe I'll do another one. Decisions decisions ...

Almost time to pick up the kids from school and take Amy to the physio ... better run, see you soon! x o x

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bits and Pieces

It has been a bit of an odd weekend here at Chez Tazzie. Marty, Amy and Cameron all have a cold/flu. Amy and Cam have been to the doctor for medication, but Marty is trying to tough it out, I predict he'll be at the doctors by tomorrow. It's a guy thing, hang out until the last minute. I have to confess I'm entirely over the whole winter cold business. Cam has been home most of the week, and Amy and Marty have both had Thursday and Friday off work/school. I'm feeling like I need a few minutes to myself - and when I think it, I feel selfish.

On a different note - Amy's dance school had their concerts on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, she was determined that she wanted to get through them both. I had my doubts, but she was a trooper and made it through. With the two concerts and one rehearsal, it meant that I had 9 hours of uninterrupted knitting time, and I managed to get a scarf made up for Amy. She had selected two balls of chenille style yarn, and with the most plain of stitches, it has made up a very warm snuggly scarf.

Yesterday after dance I had a bit of a tidy up, and then a veg session, and today I made up some more sewing machine mats. If I get the chance, tonight after dinner I'll start quilting on a customer quilt. I wonder if I keep myself entirely busy I'll manage to keep the germs at bay and not succumb myself? I'm sure I can do it!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I saw something cute on Jessica's How About Orange blog the other day, and I had to try it! I've been Simpsonized! How fun :-) My kids were definitely impressed! Go Simpsonize yourself, I dare you!

You just need a picture of yourself, and I used the one from my blog. At the end of the process you can play around and add accessories etc.

And now on a quilty note - I've been working hard lately on my patterns etc, and here is one of my latest projects. I've made these up before as gifts, but these ones will be for me. I needed a new project for the girls at the quilt store, and this is something they can work up with their scraps, or to suit their decor.

My own mat was made up with one of my favourite Thimbleberries fabrics. I find that people either love or hate this fabric, it's very 50's and people say it reminds them of carpet from that era. Something I did which is new to me is I used a sparkly silver thread to quilt it, but I used it in the bobbin, and quilted the mat upside down. I purchased two cones of the thread a while back and was frustrated when it would break all the time no matter what needle I used. I was just about to toss the thread when I saw a lable on the inside of the cone - ' for use in bobbin only'. And hey presto - all is well!

So, in addition to that, I've been working on my pattern website, and because I love to play, I re-jigged the template for this blog. Wow, are the templates a can of worms to open! I quite liked how I had the blog set up before, and once I changed it, it took a while before I was happy with things were set up again. I think this one may have to stay for a while.

Well, that's it from me - I'm off to the grocery store and the post office. x o x

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All is revealed ...

Today was the day we presented Maureen with her surprise quilt. It will be her 70th birthday on Saturday, and it was planned that we would present her with a lovely treat to mark the occasion.

Helen, Jenny S, Jenny C, Lyn, Pauline, Roz, Robyn, Wendy and myself all made blocks, Cheryl donated the back and batt, and then as you know I put it all together.

It was a super fun project, and Maureen was very surprised and thrilled.

I named the project 'Among the Evergreens' - actually it has the same name as the table runner I made a little while back. The table runner was a project for the girls in class, but also a ruse so that when the girls were working on the blocks Maureen would think they were working on their runners. In reality they were working on the blocks for her quilt.

Maureen confessed today that she had no idea anything was going on - how fun!

Tonight I am taking the Amy and her friend Bec to dance rehearsals, and it's likely to finish rather late. I don't think there will be much sewing going on today. But there's always tomorrow ...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Customer Quilt

Just a quick post today, this is a quilt made by a customer I regularly machine quilt for. Isn't it cute.

I quilted it up simply for her yesterday and will give it to her on Wednesday. She has given me another to quilt also, and I'll get to that one during the next week or so.

Quilting and all things related have completely consumed my life lately, and I love it! This week we have a busy schedule preparing for Amy's dance concert on the weekend, so hopefully I'll still have plenty of time for my quilty therapy.

Only two days until the big surprise quilt presentation - I can't wait to share the pictures! x o x

Saturday, August 04, 2007

More mats & Binding

I'm in the process of hand sewing down the binding on the 'super secret tree quilt' now. Cheryl has had it for the last couple of days and has been sewing down the binding in spare moments to give me a break, and I'll have another big session on it tonite. We're on the home stretch now, and it will feel really good to have it done. I can't wait to take pictures on Wednesday and share them with you.

And here are some other items I've been working on. It's just all Sewing Mats, all the time here! One is reserved for Nadine, and the other - well, whoever fancies it I guess :-) They're in my Etsy shop if you want to take a looky.

My little man Cameron is feeling a little poorly this afternoon, he has a slightly high temperature, so we'll be staying close to home and keeping an eye on him. I'm not sure if I've repressed the memories or something, but it seems like this little guy picks up more bugs than his sister ever did. There are some icky bugs going around right now, so I want to be vigilant. I've dosed him with Panadol, and we'll have lots of quiet time activities.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! x o x

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quick Post

Just a quick post this morning. I really wanted to write yesterday, but just ran out of day. I think it was quarter to twelve last night I fell into bed, and I have a feeling my eyes were all but closed as my head hit the pillow.

Here is a little bit of eye candy from the quilt store yesterday. My friend Jenny S. just put the borders on this quilt. It's made from those cute dimensional bow tie blocks, and she has been using up all her scraps. She told me yesterday that she's almost out of scraps - Amazing! Hi Jenny - I know you'll be stopping by :-) Ohhh, and that's Maureen you can see in the picture there!

This morning about five minutes ago, I finished sewing the binding to the surprise quilt, I'll take it along to quilt group this morning and get a start on hand sewing it down on the back. I can only go for a little while as I'm working at the quilt store this afternoon. Better run ... time is ticking!


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