Saturday, May 25, 2019

Fabric Acquisition Team

On Monday some of my lovely quilting buddies and I headed over to Tricia's fabrics to hunt down fabrics that needed to be ours. I haven't shopped for quilting fabric in quite some time - largely because I have SO MUCH already, and also because it seems irresponsible to just buy it when I'm using it so very slowly. But when one of us decides they're making the journey across town, it's amazing how quickly you can get a car full!

Here's what came home with me:

The cute map fabric on the left really caught my eye, I thought it would make up some really lovely placemats for the kitchen table - I love the retro colouring. The purple is a 'just because' fabric. I don't have much purple or yellow in my stash, so I need to remedy that. The next fabric was another that just grabbed me - I've never seen it before and thought it would lend itself to some fabulous fussy cutting opportunities. The stripe on the right I'm thinking I'll use for sashing strips for the HOQH project that is on a slow-go at the moment.

I don't think I'll be doing anything with any of these fabrics for a while, so for now they'll be folded up and put in the stash with all the other lovelies :-)

There have been some more spare minutes in the past week to work on my hand quilting, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The weather is bad here right now, so I'm hoping I'll be able to do some more this weekend too:

For me, hand quilting is pretty slow going, so there's not a great deal new to see. It's going to take me a while to get through this applique border, but I'm really looking forward to getting to the pieced stars so I can work out how I'll quilt them.

Well, that's it from me for now, I'll chatter soon! xox

Monday, May 06, 2019

A little quilting ...

These past couple of weeks I've been able to get some things checked off my stitching list - even though they were things I love to do, they were weighing on me because the wedding had taken first priority.

First up were some secret squirrel blocks that I can't share, but will be able to do so in time, and second I got all the star blocks made up for the exchange with my lovely USA friends - I have shared photos of the blocks before I'm pretty sure, and I'll share again when I have all the blocks in my hot little hands. Lastly, I quilted a really sweet cot quilt for one of my Thursday girls, and of course I forgot a photo of that too. I really need to lift my game!

But all those finishes meant that I could try and get back to hand quilting - I haven't been able to do much since my injury. I've moved the hoop twice now, and while I'm still nowhere near healed, I'm not in quite so much pain.

In this picture you can just see the small clamshell design I used in the grassy area:

The sheep look a little naked though, so I may come back and quilt them a little more too.

And this is where I'm working at the moment:

There is still some marking that needs to be done, and I'm going to finish that as soon as I'm done on the computer, then I can get busy with a little more stitching.

I have an appointment at a spinal specialist this week who will hopefully be able to get this nerve pain in my arm sorted out. I'm so missing all my tennis and being able to stitch for longer. Don't tell anyone, but I've been getting a few cheeky coaching sessions in here and there, so that means it's not as bad as it was ... it's all up from here! Chatter soon :-)


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