Tuesday, July 16, 2019

And it's July!

Well hello there! I'm finally checking in on my somewhat neglected blog.

I do have some good news, after some medical procedures my arm is finally pain free. It's actually the best it's felt in a whole year ... which means I've been able to work at my hand quilting with gusto! A couple of nights ago I took this quick snap of how it's looking:

I had really been missing it so much. While Wimbledon was on, I was quilting into the wee small hours, and I have become kind of nocturnal. I'll start to get myself back to normal hours soon, as school holidays will finish at the end of this week and I don't want it to be too much of a shock to have to start getting up early in the morning!

And here's a snap of a little someone who has been keeping me company on the sofa and in the sewing room:

It's super hard to get a good picture of Gracie, she's such a good camouflage colour that photos just don't work out well - this one isn't too bad, even if she looks kind of grumpy.

And because this is just going to be a quick post - it's getting late here ... I just wanted to share something that has happened since last time I checked in with you ... my little guy turned seventeen! I snagged this photo from Amy:

It's hard to believe Camo is so grown up, I think when I started writing here he was around four years old! He's such a good kid, and we are blessed that he's part of our family.

That's all from me right now, I need to get some zzzz's, but I am going to really try and check back in this week. Let's see how that goes! xoxox


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