Monday, August 29, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

Since I don't have anything interesting of my own to report - I'm happy to tell you all about the achievements of others :-) Recently I made up another tree skirt to kit up for the shop, and today my dear friend (and quilting magician) Lizzy called to tell me that she had quilted it up for me!

Hasn't she done another spectacular job with this one? I'm entirely thrilled and can't wait to get the binding on! (If only I could take better pictures for you to see the details)

On the reverse side, her quilting really shines through - she's a feathered wreath master! Do keep your eyes peeled, I'm hoping to have this project advertised in AP&Q.

In my own news, I have now only got 7 blocks of the NI left to hand quilt, and then the border ... I'm on the home stretch! xox

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lady of the Lake Table Runner

My 'Lady of the Lake' table runner has come back to me! Australian Patchwork and Quilting have finished with the photography, and I'm thrilled to be able to put it on my table.

It looks so nice in the morning light - I wander by all the time so I can gaze at it.

My dear friend Lizzy did such a marvellous job of the quilting, she's a superstar with her longarm machine. Thank you Lizzy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Something different ...,

Hand quilting has kept me very much occupied since I last posted, but recently I've had the need to work on a couple of different things:

A dear friend Margaret came to visit Friday week ago for a sewing afternoon. Rather than continue with my quilting, I thought I'd start on the Civil War Love Letters quilt I'd like to work on when I'm done with the NI. I made the two easiest blocks I could find, just to see if I really want to continue with the fabrics I've chosen.

These blocks are called 'Enthusiasm' and 'Virginia Military Institute'. I quite like them, and think I'll continue in this vein :-)

And on Friday last week, I quilted something that I threw together at the shop on Thursday.

It's a table runner made using the Kaliedorule - it'll be useful for demo's at the shop, and really nice if I do say so myself! Amazing things can be done with lovely border prints :-)

And this morning, I just finished quilting on this little project. It's hanging on my clothes airer, so looks a little funny.

I had a really great time quilting this one - it's the Dogwood Trail fabric and project from Moda. This is also a shop sample, and I hope there are still kits left as I type this, because they've been going so fast!

Well, that's what I've been up to recently - this afternoon I'll be getting back to the hand quilting - I'm really getting it done now!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Good ... or just okay??

I'm just getting ready to quilt this block - it's the infamous block 18. Yes, the 6" block with 229 pieces. I'm pretty pleased with how it went together ... mostly.

DH took this picture a few minutes ago with his fancy-pants camera :-)

And just for giggles, he took this macro shot ...

Not looking quite so good now is it?? *lol*


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