Monday, August 15, 2011

Something different ...,

Hand quilting has kept me very much occupied since I last posted, but recently I've had the need to work on a couple of different things:

A dear friend Margaret came to visit Friday week ago for a sewing afternoon. Rather than continue with my quilting, I thought I'd start on the Civil War Love Letters quilt I'd like to work on when I'm done with the NI. I made the two easiest blocks I could find, just to see if I really want to continue with the fabrics I've chosen.

These blocks are called 'Enthusiasm' and 'Virginia Military Institute'. I quite like them, and think I'll continue in this vein :-)

And on Friday last week, I quilted something that I threw together at the shop on Thursday.

It's a table runner made using the Kaliedorule - it'll be useful for demo's at the shop, and really nice if I do say so myself! Amazing things can be done with lovely border prints :-)

And this morning, I just finished quilting on this little project. It's hanging on my clothes airer, so looks a little funny.

I had a really great time quilting this one - it's the Dogwood Trail fabric and project from Moda. This is also a shop sample, and I hope there are still kits left as I type this, because they've been going so fast!

Well, that's what I've been up to recently - this afternoon I'll be getting back to the hand quilting - I'm really getting it done now!


julieQ said...

Just beautiful the pinks in the Dogwood trail project!

Rebecca said...

Just beautiful and have fun with the blocks ,I am doing the Farmers Wife book at the moment and enjoy it alot .
Hugs Bec

*karendianne. said...

Ohh some pretties!!! Really really love the piece with the Dogwood fabric. Very pretty. That tablerunner with the Kaliedorule is intriguing. Lots of interest and seems like it was fun to make. Glad to hear from you and love the start of your Civil War love letters. Yummy in pink. ;)


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