Saturday, August 31, 2013

I love bling!

So I bedazzled my sewing machine ... Marty thinks it's odd ...

But you know what, if bling is wrong, I don't want to be right. And I've got plenty more space for bedazzling!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I thought it would happen ... and it did ...

I just don't know what to do with myself ...

It's most likely 'Post Billings Blues' - I was warned and I knew. I've experienced similar afflictions before, and I will again. I know it hasn't been long ... but I'm just not one to sit around doing very little!

Is it possible that the projects I can jump right into are just not that appealing anymore? What's not to love about my hexagon projects ... or getting back to the Civil War Crossings quilt top - it just needs to be pinned and quilted. Should I start something new?? I have an aviation themed project in mind for Camo, or a cute sewing machine cover that I pinned on Pinterest ... I even have three quilt tops basted ready to go ... blah!

Or much less interesting, I could do paperwork ... but naaahhhh ...

What to do???

Catching up ...

Now that Mrs Billings has been sorted, I can work on a few things that have been niggling at me in the background.

First up, I had promised a sweet friend that I'd quilt a little project for her. I checked that off the list this morning. Here is a little of the border:

I find the hardest part of machine quilting is deciding what to put in each area. It's something I need to work on. Also, it had been such a long time since using my machine - my quilting was a little wonky in the beginning. It's like riding a bike though, and soon I was charging along nicely.

And next on the list: I had purchased a cute nightshirt from an online store a couple of months back. I just love it, but the buttons are so far apart on it that it gapes terribly. Solution: Add extra buttonholes. Something I have never done on my machine before!

In the top right picture, you can see the 'before' situation with the buttons. Bottom left picture, my terror getting ready to cut the opening in the button holes. Thankfully it worked. And bottom right picture, more buttons, happy wearer!

I don't have to procrastinate over this project any longer, and I'll be toasty warm in bed tonight!

Monday, August 26, 2013

And we're all done :-)

My goodness, what a flurry of finishing activities. The quilt is bound, labelled, ticketed and bagged ready for delivery on Thursday. I'm really surprised that I have a couple of spare days - actually, colour me amazed!

Today I hung the quilt in the dining room - I didn't do myself any favours by having the quilt scrunched up on the lounge overnight (mid hanging sleeve application) but hopefully it'll be alright on the day. Can you see my fingers crossed??

And because a blog post always needs some eye candy, here you go:

This quilt is just a touch smaller than my Nearly Insane quilt. Not by much, just an inch or two. Forgive my dining chairs for photo-bombing. It would not have killed me to move them out of the way, surely??

And here's another close up of the quilting. You can't even imagine how relieved I was to know with certainty that all the blue lines are gone.

So, now all I can do for Mrs Billings is wait. Sometimes it's the hardest part, but I'll fill you in if I have any interesting news. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to working on some other projects. Nothing big just yet - I want to be able to flit from one thing to another ... I haven't done that in a while!

Chatter soon :-)

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Thank you all for your overwhelming response to my (almost) Mrs Billings finish. You're all so incredibly kind. And of course you know I'm entirely thrilled to have gotten it done under deadline ... only just!

Some sweet ladies have asked to see a close up of the quilting, and I'm happy to oblige. Please note that because of our dark wintery days right now, it's hard to get good pictures. That coupled with my complete lack of photography skills makes a picture haphazard at best. But here goes anyway:

This is an area out near the margins of the quilt - I will take some more pictures when it's hanging and I can get close.

I'd like to also say a big thank you to Sheila - she rescued me from my thread near-miss. I wasn't able to find the same thread I'd been using anywhere in the state and Sheila had a reel to lend me to help out. Thank you so much hon - very much appreciated. I had no idea I'd need two reels and a good portion of a third!!

And the good news is this: I've blocked and bound the quilt - that is a relief! The label is made, and now I just need to make up the hanging sleeve and sew the two items in place. Whew!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

And it was done!


And trust me, my fingers are genuinely aching!! Now I just need to block, bind, apply a hanging sleeve and label ... before Wednesday evening. I CAN DO THIS!!

More soon!!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

And I quilted some more ...

Yes, yes I did. I quilted some more ... and then when I felt I just couldn't quilt another stitch, I bribed myself with some Reese's, and my worn out fingers have quilted beyond a mere mortal's endurance.

But it's so worth it, because I'm mainly working out in the last border now ...

I'm starting to get nervous though, as I've nearly run out of my second reel of YLI hand quilting thread - and I haven't been able to locate another here in Adelaide. If I order one in, I don't know if it'll get to me in time if I do actually need it. Decisions decisions ... what to do??

Ohhh, and please forgive me - I have been spending virtually no time at all on the internets, so my blog visiting and message returning skills have all but vanished. I promise I'll catch back up with you all soon! xox


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