Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm home, and my bags are bursting!

I'm home! Have you missed me? Don't feel the need to answer that :-) I'm sure you all thought my blog had been abandoned!

I have been busy shopping, travelling, and spending time with my wonderful friends in the USA. Now that I'm back home I need a few days to return my body clock to normal, unpack my many bags, and float back to earth. I promise I'll share many pictures of my adventures.

In the meantime, I just thought I'd share a quick picture of some of my fabric haul that I've unpacked and folded ready to put away. My goodness I purchased a lot. I also have three parcels being shipped home to me.

I found some conversationals so I can finish my Turning 40 quilt. (Will have to be renamed 'Turned 40'). Lots of nice yellow and cheddar fabrics for the Nearly Insane quilt, and many other 'just because' fabrics. Lots of fun!

I also have lots of books and magazines to find homes for. And many items of clothing, and of course four pairs of shoes. Well, I better get back to my unpacking and sorting. I promise to check back in soon! xox

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi friends - I promise I haven't abandoned my blog entirely. I'm currently on holidays in the USA. I hope my precious family are coping at home without me :-)

Right now I'm with my wonderful friends Linda and Donna in Folsom California. I'm not sure I'm still fully functioning on any particular time zone, but I'm getting there. We've been shopping up a storm, and I've got some wonderful fabrics already stashed away.

Next week we're heading for Paducah, and I'm so looking forward to that. I hope to get back on here soon and share some pictures with you. Be good while I'm away! xox

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Busy Quilter = Neglectful Blogger

I've been so busy getting ready for my trip to the USA, that I have become a very neglectful blogger of late. You can expect more of the same, probably until the end of April when I get home I'm afraid. I leave on Friday, and while I'm away, I'm not sure of the opportunities I'll have to get on line.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of the things I've been working on:

I've bordered, quilted and bound all the fruit blocks. I'll hand sew the binding down as I have the chance. I really like these little blocks, and I'm so glad I purchased the patterns last time I was in the USA.

And right now I'm quilting on that scrap quilt I made a little while back. I hope to have it finished tonight, and then I can sew on the binding. If I'm a really clever girl, I may have it photographed before I go, so I can work on the pattern in my spare moments :-) It could happen! It's my plan to make another of these quilts, this time in a bright colourway. This one used such a good deal of my 2" scraps that I'm inspired to work on it again.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I hope you're all having a lovely time with your families and the people most important to you. This is the start of my children's school holidays, and we're spending some quality time together, as I know I'm going to miss Marty and the kids while I'm gone. They will probably cope a good deal better than I will.

Chatter soon. xox


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