Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Star Happy

This evening I have made a tiny start on the 'Star Happy' quilt Linda and I will be making together. Not much progress so far, but I have done a lot of the cutting. This project will use a great many 6.5", 3.5" and 2" squares and strips, so I've plundered the scrap boxes already. It was fun to do a little piecing of my own, so I will look forward to when I have a chance to do some more work on it.

Next on my agenda for today is to pack lunches etc for tomorrow, and then I'll hopefully still have time to pin a quilt for tomorrow morning. It's 'all quilting - all the time' here!

And on the kitty front, Gracie is just fine after her 'little procedure', and though the vet suggested we need to keep her quiet and not bouncing around too much, we haven't been able to achieve it. Better run ... TTYL :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008


Marty snapped this picture of Gracie yesterday - doesn't she look thrilled? It's actually really hard to get a nice photo of her because she's quite dark - this picture is one in a million that has worked out.

Today Gracie is visiting with the Vet. She's just over six months old now, so we decided it was time for her to be neutered and micro chipped. She won't like it, but to us, it's the responsible thing to do.

In quilting news, I'm almost done with the deadlines I had set for myself to achieve before Wednesday. I'll be able to get some chores done now, and relax a little too. In the last eight days, I have quilted three customer quilts, pieced one shop sample, quilted and bound two shop samples, photographed and written the pattern for one shop sample. I feel I've achieved a lot, and I'm looking forward to working on some projects of my own. I still have more projects to quilt, but my pressure has eased a little.

Well, that's it from me - I promise quilty pictures in the next post.
x o x

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It may get quiet ...

... as I stitch my way out from under this pile of work. Seriously, I'm going as fast as I can. I've a feeling the housework will be somewhat neglected ... but let's hope I can keep up with the family's nutritional needs while I hunker down in the sewing room.

Be sure to have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to hearing all the reports from Paducah KY. x o x

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Name that fabric ...

Almost finished quilting the next project - a shop sample for a range of fabrics that came in a short while ago.

I was on the phone to Cheryl today talking about what binding I'd like to use. "I think I need the black fabric ... the one that looks like tadpoles hugging". We understand each other - she found it, and she's put it aside for me.

Don't you see the tadpoles hugging? Or is it just me?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cinnamon Christmas

I've been working hard and here's the end result. The quilt is called Cinnamon Christmas - named for the images in the centres of the blocks. Cheri asked the other day what fabric the pictures were - I thought I'd share with everyone - it's called 'A Country Christmas' by Makower.

It doesn't really show up in the picture, but the project is all quilted now, and I've attached the binding. I just need to hand sew the reverse side. I'd like to finish that part off tonight so I can leave the quilt at the store tomorrow. This is the first of five projects for the Christmas in July workshop. I have a couple of customer quilts I need to work on before I start on the next project, which will be a table runner.

Best get back to work - I've been stressing a little over my workload lately, which is unlike me. I don't usually stress over anything. My friend Linda put it perfectly when I spoke to her yesterday. She said 'Work steady'. Says it all really, doesn't it?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Christmas-y blocks

I'm still piecing on the Christmas blocks. Actually, it seems like I've done miles and miles of piecing, and not an awful lot to show for it. But in reality, I've almost finished all the blocks. The centre parts of the other blocks are made, and I only need to add the green borders to the alternate blocks.

Don't worry, I won't be setting the blocks together as you see them in the picture. I just wanted to get as many blocks as possible in the shot.

After this quilt top is finished, I will start working on a table runner project for the class, and then I may take a breather and catch up on a little quilting. There is a quilt for my Mum that needs to be finished, and I also have three customer quilts here. Sometimes it seems there's a never ending list of projects that need my attention. Lucky for me I love this job I have :-)

Ohhh, and I forgot to mention in my last post ... Friday was our wedding anniversary. Marty and I have been married 16 years now. Gosh it's flown by. Happy days :-)

To all my friends heading to Paducah for the Quilt Festival - be sure to have the very best time. It's my hope to be joining you there in 2010. This year we'll be heading over for PIQF in Santa Clara CA. I hope to meet lots of you in October.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Christmas workshop

Yesterday I got a really good start on one of the Christmas projects I have designed. I will be doing a Christmas in July workshop at the store, so I'm thinking I really need to get busy given that I'm thinking about a choice of five projects.

This one will be a lap sized quilt - if I recall correctly I think it works out to around 65" square. You can see at the top there are the beginnings of some blocks, and the ones on the left have the plaid fabric in the middle. When they're finished, they'll have the green fabric on the outside - so the blocks will be opposites of the finished blocks in the foreground.

Ummm ... did that make sense? Well, anyways, you'll see the progress soon. I will also make up a table runner, some placemats, a wall hanging ... and something else I'm not entirely sure about yet. All will be revealed in the fullness of time ... and when I've dreamed it up :-)

Also exciting for me is that my wonderful friend Linda (in San Jose) and I are embarking on a new scrap project together. This year we're going to make the blue and cream quilt on the cover of Star Happy Quilts by Judy Martin. I haven't actually made any of her quilts before, but Linda has made many, and she assures me that her patterns are wonderful. I definitely always love the look of her quilts - she's a scrappy quilter, just like me :-)

I have a feeling I'm going to need more project boxes soon - I have a few projects on the boil right now. I'm actually thinking I may also add a few more size 'scrap boxes' to my repertoire. It would seem that 6.5" and 5" may also be good size scraps to cut up for some projects. My cutting may be dictated by space soon. I have a serious investment in Starmaid tubs already!

Better run - we're out for a lunch date shortly ... be sure to have a wonderful day! x o x

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Took the scenic route ...

A little while back I ordered some thread from Hancocks of Paducah. Shipping for up to $60 worth of stock is $12, so it makes sense to spend the whole $60.

I managed to get 6 yards of double wide backing fabric - the one with the hot air balloons. I have to say, the balloons are bigger in person than I expected, but still very cute. Some Terry Clothier Thompson pre-printed applique blocks - I'm not sure I needed more faux-applique, but there it is. And the Judie Rothermel fabric there on the left. Ohhh, and the thread. The picture is deceptive ... but that's 3000 yards of thread you see there - YLI thread in my favourite Caffe Romano colourway.

I had to collect it from the post office - and was most surprised when the girl came to the counter with what looked like a burlap bag. And printed on the burlap bag was 'Swiss Post' and also had a label with a London address on it. The original Hancocks shipping bag and label was inside, and looked to be untouched. I did think my parcel was taking a little longer than usual, but not too bad ... it would seem that upon leaving Kentucky USA, my fabric took a mini-break in Europe before heading Down Under. Shame the fabric can't talk ... it would seem it has a story to tell ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's no secret that I'm a shoe-gal. And judging by yesterday, I believe it may well be genetic.

Mum took the kids and I to Harbour Town yesterday - for non-locals it's an outlet store shopping mall. Mum needed some shoes, and wanted to get some bits and pieces for the kids.

Well, shoes were definitely purchased. Mum got herself four pairs, she bought me the two pairs in the picture - three pairs for Cameron, and a pair for Amy. Amy's not big on shoes, and instead got a whole pile of clothes.

I wore the black ones out today, and they're super comfortable. I can't wait to wear the faux leapord ones - maybe tomorrow if we go out somewhere. Thank you Mum!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More quilting ...

I've been quilting some more today. I worked on Helen's quilt. It's called Happy Days, by Mum's Moment. The girls at the store are mad for this quilt, and it's not the first I've quilted. I think the third actually.

I have this pattern myself, and it's all I can do not to start working on it immediately. Amy would like to hang it in her bedroom, but has specifically asked that it be done only in purple and green fabric. If it weren't for the fact that I don't have the white fabric for the background I may have succumbed and started cutting up pieces.

Tonight I'll start pinning a quilt that Jenny made. It's made in 30's prints and very cute. I think I have four or five quilts lined up, so I'll be working the machine for a good little while yet.

Cam had a birthday party to attend today - it's his first invite from his new classmates this year. It thrills me that he's made some lovely little friends at school, I know he's doing well with all the lessons, so there's really nothing more a parent can ask. It was a great chance for me to meet some of the Mum's I hadn't seen at school. A really nice day all round.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Still here - and quilting!

I'm sure you all know that when I can't get here to visit with you that I'm getting busy in the sewing room, or hanging at the shop :-) Not many places I'd rather be really!

I just thought I'd quickly share what I worked on last night and for a little of today - this is a quilt a customer has given me to finish (and it's done now). It belonged to a friend of hers who sadly passed away before she could complete it. It had been quilted a little, just a little 'in the ditch' work with monofilament, and needed more work done.

I really went to town on it, and felt like I was being watched from above with approval. I used a gold variegated rayon thread on the top, and feathered and freemotioned like crazy. I'm really thrilled with the result. It's bound now too, and I'll drop it off to the lady tomorrow, she just lives near the kids school.

And speaking of the kids school - they're on two weeks holiday as of the end of today. We're going to have fun together. Cam has a birthday party on Sunday, and Amy and I have two 'play dates' organised with friends next week. Plenty of quilting and stitching on the agenda too - I have much to achieve over the next couple of weeks. Talk to you soon! x o x

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I really should be working on other things right now (like Christmas items for the workshop) but I just couldn't help but get diverted by something else.

I've started making up some little nine patches again. They finish at 4.5" square, I'm using up some 2" strips. Unlike the last series of scraps that used an 'anything goes' theme, this time I'm only using my reproduction fabrics. I'm also thinking of combining the nine patches with shoo fly blocks, but I'm not sure where I'm heading with these blocks at the moment.

Did I need another WIP? No, not really. I still haven't finished putting together the Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt - and I'm fighting myself not to start the Orange Crush mystery just now (I will at some point tho). I have two projects that need quilting, and Christmas projects that need making. As of last night I've designed two of them, so it's a start, right? Ohhh, and last of all, two more customer quilts to work on. I'll just take things one at a time :-)

Also, I'm super happy with how my laptop is running right now. Before Marty worked his magic, it was slowing, and I was getting some errors, so he's removed things I don't use anymore, cleaned up the files, and updated software. Not fun having the computer off the air for a little while, but so worth the end result.

I'm heading back to the nine-patches ... see you soon! x o x

Monday, April 07, 2008

Still here!

It's okay, you don't need to check up on me, I'm not trapped under anything heavy! My laptop is having a rebuild, so I can't really post anything of substance right now. Usually there is the fallback of the regular computer, but Marty has that one doing something else right now. It's all technical stuff, so I just smile and nod :-)

I've been busy in the sewing room, quilting up a storm, and this morning I even got busy tidying in there some more.

I'll check back with you all really soon *hugs*

Friday, April 04, 2008

Christmas Fabric

These very cute fabrics came home from the quilt store with me the other day. I'm planning a Christmas in July workshop, and have got some cute ideas running around in my head. I promise I'll share them with you as I'm working on them.

I really love the plaid - I'll check out some more coordinates next week, I don't have a lot in my stash that works with these brighter prints - most of my reds and greens are reproduction style prints, and seem a little murky.

In other news - my Spring Fling quilt went off in the mail today, so once again I feel a small weight lifted. I really don't mind deadlines, and actually work better with one, but there is always that sense of relief when one is met. Sometimes after I've sent the project off I feel a little lost for a while, but I have so many things on the go right now, I don't feel lost at all right now!

Last night I started quilting on Kelly's quilt, you can see it as she was making it on her blog. And I have to add ... Kelly, thank you for the lovely chocolatey surprise you had squirreled away for me!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Bernie

Canadian Gail left a comment the other day asking to see a picture of my sewing machine - to help her with inspiration to finish a quilt. I'm always happy to oblige, so here it is.

I have a Bernina, I can't remember exactly how long I've had her, but I'd say around 10 years. Bernie is so reliable and strong, it'd be a very hard decision to replace her. You see in the picture that I'm finishing the outside border on Maureen's quilt - I took the picture yesterday, and I have now given her the quilt - she just loves it!

Gail, I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to work on your quilt. Lovely quilting can be done on your regular machine, it just takes practice.

And in other news - yesterday I booked our tickets to the US. I'm really excited about our trip now. I also got the theme park passes the kids were really looking forward to (and me too!), so our planning is starting now. We will fly into San Francisco, spend some time with friends, and then travel down to Anaheim and start the kiddy part of our adventure. After two weeks, Marty and Cam will head home, and Amy and I will stay on another week for some serious quilty fun. Can't wait!

I have to get back to work - my quilty work really has me head down and bottom up right now. TTYL x o x


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