Saturday, September 07, 2019

Well hello there!

I swear to you, every day since my last post I thought to myself 'today will be the day that I get busy writing on my blog', and almost each night without fail I'd realise that the day had simply gotten away from me. But not tonight ...

So, Hi! What have you been up to? I have mostly been hand quilting, and just living life, and not taking lots of pictures apparently, but I can show you some of where I'm up to on the Phebe project:

I was getting tired of quilting in the applique area, so to change things up a bit I put a few stitches in some of the star blocks. I just love these stars, and it's so much fun revisiting the fabrics and remembering the other projects they were used in. Many of the fabrics were gifts of scraps from my lovely friends too.

I only quilted three blocks before I moved back to the applique area - there's only one side left of the applique to go before I'm done and I can move on. I am still supremely happy with my choice of sashing fabric between the stars. I don't know if you remember, but it ended up being a tricky choice. I had a few bits and pieces of the dressing gowns print in my scrap box that I'd used in various projects, and my lovely friend Linda who was visiting at the time was sure she had a chunk of it.

When Linda got home, the fabric proved to be elusive, and I put a shout out to my friends to hunt some down. A local quilting friend Julie had a piece, but I still needed more, and the lovely Rosemary Youngs came to the rescue. I was able to get the blocks pieced together just as I wanted. 

And because our stashes work in mysterious ways, way later on I found a fat quarter of the elusive fabric in the bottom of my stash closet, and Linda found a couple of yards in a small fabric collapse in her stash. So there you go ...

But I'm back to quilting in the applique border now:

And I'm pretty happy with how it's looking :-)

And the last picture for the day is a quick table runner I put together. One of the lovely ladies from my Thursday class had made one, and I loved it so much I wanted to make one too:

It's made with 60 degree triangles cut from a border print, and for best results the border print needs to be quite different from one edge to the other. This table runner will be gifted to my beautiful Nanna who is turning 90 this month. Isn't she amazing, I just love her to bits!

Well, that's it from me for now, I trust you're all keeping well, and I hope to chatter soon! xox


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