Thursday, October 22, 2020

An Exciting Week

This has been an exciting week for me from a quilting perspective. First of all, I finally finished hand quilting on the Phebe project, and I've applied the binding too.

This quilt has had so many stops and starts, I was starting to think I'd never get near the finish line. All that remains now it to add a label and a hanging sleeve and I can hand stitch the binding on the reverse side. I'm super happy with how it looks, it has been such a fun quilt to work on.

So with that quilt out of the hoop - I could put the next one in place. This is a really special one - it's for my grandbaby that will be arriving in March! I am beyond excited!

I'll share more of the top when I've moved the hoop a few times. One of the seriously fun things about this baby quilt is that the main fabric with the toys in it was actually used in Amy's cot quilts all those years ago. Who would have thought I'd have a fabric in my stash for more than 25 years - and how fun that I was able to find some fabrics that coordinated well all these years later.

Next on my agenda is to work out which quilt I'd like to work on next - I try to have a quilt I'm piecing/appliqueing on as well as something I'm hand quilting. There are two quilts I'm having a hard time deciding between. It's not that whichever one I don't pick up I wont end up making it ... they're both going to be made sometime, but which one is next ... the contenders are both by Sue Garman - first is Lily Rosenberry - and the second is Afternoon Delight. I love them both, and it's really just a matter of if I want to do all the additional piecing. Because I know I want to be appliqueing again. I'm sure I'll decide really soon and let you know.

I'm sure I have a bunch more to share, because it's been too long, but that's it from me for now - I'll check through my phone again soon and see what photos I have to update you further. Chatter soon! xoxox


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