Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Melbourne 2017

I have been absent for a little while - there has been no quilting going on here whatsoever! One of the sweet ladies on my Saturday tennis team and I went for a week to Melbourne, we wanted to catch all the action at the Australian Open Tennis.

Here are some happy snaps:

We flew in last Sunday, and because we the tennis didn't start until Monday we had some time to ourselves. The main thing on both our lists was to visit Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie in South Yarra - he's famed from Australian Masterchef, and I've been simply dying to visit, and lucky for me, so had Judy!

I don't mind confessing that we made complete pigs of ourselves. A couple of macarons each, a lemon meringue tart, and also a couple of macarons for the road. We genuinely wanted to visit again, but ran out of time :-( ... there is always next year!

 A long walk along the river before we settled on a restaurant for dinner ... so many pictures, so difficult to decide what to share! This snap looking back toward the MCG - and the tennis centre is nearby.

 Loved these horses and carriages not far from Federation Square.

And then it was time for the big show - the real reason for our visit - the tennis! We saw great games over the week that we spent there. Each day we had tickets for Margaret Court Arena, and each evening for Rod Laver Arena. I can't even tell you how thrilled I was that on the first night we were able to watch my hero in action - Roger Federer. It has been on my bucket list to see him play before he retires. We were not disappointed - he had a big win. And in subsequent days and evenings we saw so many stars - Murray, Nadal, Wavrinka, Raonic, Williams, Radwanska ... as well as so many Aussies, and so many other names ...

 Loved the garden square and all the things to do and see. I may have laid down a few dollars on some merchandise - can't prove anything :-)

And one of the most exciting things for the week is that my coaches son Bradley made it into the main round of doubles with another local boy Alex, and they won through three rounds to the quarter finals. It was so exciting being courtside cheering them on with a huge contingent from our club. Just amazing, and we're all so very proud!

All too quickly Saturday arrived and it was time to head home, after we checked out of our hotel we walked a little again. I love to see the old buildings around Melbourne - and they sit so nicely with the modern ones. It was almost sad to gather our baggage and head to the airport.

Silly me I had to buy some new shoes at the airport - I had checked in my bag and forgot that I couldn't wear rubber thongs in the Qantas lounge ... but I'm sure you all know that wasn't a hardship for me, there's always a good reason for new shoes!

Well, that's all for my tiny snapshot of what I've done this past week. I'm having another adventure again soon, so I'll share that with you as I get the chance.

Before I go, I received a message on an old post about my Singer treadle machine. The person asking the question doesn't have email enabled on their comment so I wasn't able to reply personally. The question was whether a White treadle machine will fit into a singer cabinet. I personally don't know the answer to this as I only collect old Singer machines, but if anyone knows the answer, maybe they could post some details in the comments - thank you so much!

I'm way behind on emails again, hopefully I will catch up soon. I discovered that I hadn't lost the messages I thought I had, I just haven't set up filters on the new laptop yet so they weren't where I thought they'd be.

Well, that's enough rambling from me ... chatter soon! xox

Monday, January 09, 2017

Still quiltin'

Hi there, and Happy New Year! What did you spend your New Years Day doing? Because of course, it is said that whatever you do on the first of the year, you'll spend all year doing it! Personally, I slept in, ate leftovers and also worked on my hand quilting. I did a little housework too, but I'll keep that on the down-low. I sure want don't want to spend all my time this year doing chores!!

I'm still quilting here, and I can honestly say that I'm growing a little tired of it. I MUST keep going though, so I'm trying to find joy in the little things ... like each time I fill a section ... or when I move the hoop ... each of those small achievements will eventually give me a finished quilt!

Goodness me ... what a blurry picture ... let's pretend it's all artsy and that I meant for it to be that way!

** Before I sign off - I just want to mention that I upgraded laptops recently, and I lost any emails I received from my last blog post. If you asked me a question, I'd love to respond ... do you mind getting in touch with me again? Thank you so much! **

Well, I'm going to head back to my quilting throne and put some more stitches in for the evening ... chatter soon! xoxox


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