Sunday, June 09, 2019

Trimming ... and then some ...

This past week I've been lucky enough to see the Rajah quilts belonging to a couple of my sweet Thursday ladies grow some more. Betty is just finishing up her pieced borders, and Jean has started working on the final applique border. This reminded me that I haven't picked up mine in a while, and I know exactly why.

The next row on my project is the first of two rows of about a bazillion one inch finished half square triangles. I've gotten the ball rolling on them, but the next step is cutting them into individual HST's and trimming them to size. And I don't mind confessing to you that I find this part ... tedious ...

So, I'm going to do what Betty did for hers ... I'm going to leave it out on the cutting table, and set myself a goal of doing a few here and there between other things until they're all done. It won't be so onerous that way, and hopefully they'll be done before I know it!

And for a little extra eye candy, here's where Betty's Rajah quilt is at right now. Isn't it fabulous?

It never ceases to amaze me how a group of people can all have the same pattern, and using their own interpretations and different fabric, end up with such different looking quilts. It's one of my favourite things about this creative process.

After I finish my allocation of HST's for this evening, I'm going to get myself set up with my hand quilting again and I'll put a few stitches in while I am distracted by the French Open tennis final. I've been riveted by it this year, and it has been keeping me up very late at night. So lucky I'm a night owl.

And speaking of things TV related, I was watching an old episode of Modern Family this past week, and in the background I noticed something very familiar. Please forgive this terrible photo  I took while I hurriedly paused the TV:

In Gloria's home, they have the very same dumb-waiter in use as a shelving unit that I have in my sewing room. It it silly that I was super excited?

This is mine in use:

It's one of my favourite things I bought at auction. By brother and I picked it up after I was the successful bidder and we tossed it in the back of his ute. I waited until we'd got it home before I told him is was an antique from the late 1800's, because I knew he'd be worrying about it all the way home!

Last of all, I had a comment from Quilt Granma on my last post asking about the pointy border on my Phebe quilt. I would have loved to reply to you personally, but your email address isn't enabled on your comments. But in response to your question, I'm sure that the tri-recs ruler would make a great job of your pointy border, the angles wouldn't be as sharp, but they'd still be wonderful. I foundation pieced mine, mostly due to my laziness about not wanting to worry about cutting out fabric super accurately. I hope this helps!

Well, that's it from me - I'll check in soon - hopefully with all my one inch HST's trimmed :-)


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