Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stitching Saturday

Today I decided I would allocate a day all to myself. No working on projects for others - only mine - and it was wonderful! I put the final borders on the little Christmas project, quilted and bound it, and finally added the little bows. I think it's kinda cute - and especially love the gold thread I used for quilting - even if I did have a few breakages today.

And next I worked on a few more of my Turning Four-T blocks. I shall have to get a hurry on with these - or I'll have to rename it 'Turned Four-T'. I've got sixteen blocks now, so nine to go and I can start putting it all together.

Tomorrow it's back to quilting like mad - if I'm really good I may get some piecing time in the evening. I'll have my fingers crossed :-)


onlymehere said...

It did turn out adorable! I like your little joke about "turned four-T!" You do beautiful work. Cindy

Julie in the Barn said...

Cute Christmas quilt! And the clever word play for the T blocks made me chuckle.

Vickie said...

Good on you for having a me day-well earned I reckon-oh your wee christmas project has turned out fantastic..ahhh you think you may have to change the name eh 'Turned Four-T' I think you will wing it..I have a project that is something to do with turning 50 ..hubbby says I should start it now(that gives me 5 years-cheeky man he is),cheers Vickie

jovaliquilts said...

Oh, those bows are a perfect touch! Really nice holiday quilt.

Wendi said...

WOW!! That Christmas quilt is beautiful!!! I love love love it!!! Is that gold thread or fabric the bulbs are hanging from? Gorgeous!!!

Karen said...

I always think you do better work for others if you give yourself time too. Enjoy!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

It's nice to make something for yourself too, between stuff for others. Your T's are just lovely, and I cannot wait to see the finish!
Your Christmas project looks so beautiful! Love it!
Have a great Sunday too :o)

Nana Time said...

I tried free motion quilting gold metallic thread on the Christmas quilt I just finished it went well at first and then the thread started breaking.

Was your thread metallic....and do you have any tips????

Anonymous said...

Me days are very important aren't they? Have you tried a Metafil needle for using gold thread? They eye is different and it reduces the breakage.


Kristie said...

Love the Christmas project, very nice!!

I do love your "T" blocks! That is one that I have on my list to do. Seems like my list keeps getting longer instead of shorter! :)


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