Sunday, June 16, 2024

Scratching my head thinking of a title ...

I didn't manage to get here on Friday - I had set myself a crazy deadline and was racing toward it. On Saturday I was meeting four of my lovely tennis friends for lunch, and at 2pm on Friday I thought it would be a great idea to make them two placemats each. What was I thinking? I got all eight placemats made and quilted, but I only got four bound by 1.30am Saturday morning. So my sweet friends each received one placemat, and the promise of another next time we meet.

The binding is made and ready to go, so I'll be able to bind the remaining four placemats at my leisure. That pretty seed packet fabric is almost gone now, I've been able to use it so many times for cute projects.

Earlier in the week I made a quilted cushion for our sweet dinosaur loving granddaughter Mary:

This was a super quick project, and I was glad to have a pillow form in my batting box to use for it.

Also on the list of finishes were a couple of the mmmCrafts ornaments I started a couple of weeks ago:

These were such fun to make - the turtle dove will be heading overseas, and the partridge and pear will be Hazel's first ornaments for the collection I'll build for her. I'll get busy on Mary's ornaments next, along with some others.

And last of all, I did something I've been avoiding for a couple of weeks now. I've been working on a garment - a first top for me. I purchased a pattern on Etsy and got busy with some linen fabric. While linen probably wasn't an ideal first fabric choice, it worked out just fine ... until I became completely intimidated by the buttons.

A sweet Insta/former blogging buddy encouraged me to just have a go - and also to investigate my machine's auto-buttonholer ... so I steeled myself and just did it ... and it was EASY!

I'm a bit disappointed with the pictures, the linen is almost a denim colour, so the blue thread makes so much more sense in real life. On the bolt in the store, the tan colour which I've used as the reverse of the fabric was on show, but I decided that I liked the reverse side better. Anyway, I know I need never be afraid of buttonholes again.

This morning I purchased some textured cotton, and I plan to try my hand at a dress pattern that I also purchased from an Etsy store. I downloaded the pattern to Officeworks to print on A0 sheets so I don't have to tape bunches of sheets together. Such a timesaver!

Once I'm finished on here, I'll put a few stitches of hand quilting in Lily Rosenberry, and then it's bed time for me. Chatter soon friends! xox


dq said...

The stitching on the ornaments is so beautiful! I love the pear, birds, and colors as well.
I am not the person to ask to name things.
You have lucky friends to receive the placemats with such cute seed fabric. It will be Christmas all over again when you bring the next placemat next time.

loulee said...

Those placemats and ornaments are so pretty. Love the dinosaurs too. Go you getting the button holes done. Not my favourite part of dress making either.

Pam said...

I have those ornaments prepped and ready to stitch, they haven't made it to the top of the queue yet

Janet said...

I am sure Mary is crazy in with her pillow.
The ornaments are so pretty and elegant looking.
Great job on the top. I am waiting for it to be modeled by the seamstress. Enjoy.
Thank you for catching up on the blog. You are so loyal.
Have a great week.


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