Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Loving table runners and toppers!

Last week, Lorraine selected some fabrics for me to put a table topper and table runner together for work. I'm just loving the fabrics she chose! I got busy on Monday, and these are the results:

This runner is made with some of our wonderful Adelaide girl Michele Hill's range of fabrics. The fabric is a border print from Morris Meadows - Michele's amazing fabrics are inspired by her love of all things William Morris.

I'm lucky enough to have some of this fabric, so I'm definitely going to make one of my own.

And here is the table topper:

I'm not sure exactly who all the fabrics are by, I think one is a Hoffman, and perhaps some Primitive Gatherings too. I'll be sure to check. You can just see the batting there - I was being frugal with this project and pieced some small leftover pieces together :-)

And how about this darling fabric on the reverse side:

It's just adorable!

I'll select some binding fabric while I'm at the shop tomorrow - I see some binding and hand stitching in my future!


ruthsplace said...

That fabric on the back is just adorable!

Sheila said...

nice work Tara, cat't go wrong really with the combined talents of William , Michelle and Tara. I should really look at making one of those runners for my long table,

Noela said...

Lovely table runner and topper. The fabrics in both are beautiful. Hugs.....

Unknown said...

Love the table runner..So different to anything I have seen :)) very pretty backing for the topper, I think the back is just as important as the front,did you quilt it ?? :))

Shay said...

Love that table topper Tazz. It's so pretty!


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