Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Yesterday was such a lovely day. We headed up to Mannum with my parents to visit with my Nanna, it's always so nice to see her. Of course Mum loved the table runner, and I had flowers for both Nanna and Mum too.

After lunch, we set off for a little exercise. As we always do, we prowled around the local antique store, and then we popped down to the riverside park for the little people to have a run around.

It's great to see so much water in the river again - it wasn't very long ago that the water level was so low.

We couldn't believe how many birds were around, playing and calling. When we looked up into the trees, there were so many cockatoos. I think you can see a few in the picture. We were joking around that if one messes on you, it's lucky. Lucky it hit you and not me!

While we were at the antique shop, Mum bought me this cute little blue and white pot stand. I just love how it looks on the dining table. (The white pot I had at home already)

I just picked up the fern this morning at Bunnings, and this afternoon I'll plant it into the pot properly. I love a nice Boston Fern. They're virtually indestructible. Much more hardy than the Maiden Hair Ferns that I adore - I have a series of swap-outs of those for when they start looking worse for wear.

And my dear sweet Nanna sent me home with some pretty chrysanthemums. I love the colour, they're just lovely.

I've this minute realised that I didn't take a picture of the funky slippers that I got from the kids - I'll have to share a picture of them next time. Hope you all had a great day - we'll chatter soon :-)


Noela said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Hugs.....

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the quilt you have on your table - and that plant stand looks perfect on it :)

Shay said...

Sounds like a delightful day Taz.

I lashed out and bought some bulbs this past weekend ...yes I know Im late for tulips but since they're probably going to drop dead under my care anyway it'll be a nice experiment.


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