Monday, June 04, 2012

Just two this past week.

With everything that has been going on family wise over the past week, I have barely darkened the door of the sewing room. I managed to put a block together last night, but prior to that, I hadn't even turned my sewing machine on since last Sunday. Very strange for me indeed. Maybe this week I'll make up for it, but who knows. No pressure :-)

Here are my two blocks, they're trickier than many others, and I'm not thrilled with the second one. There are a couple of seams that don't match up to my satisfaction, and I may come back to it later and finish it a little better.

Block 33 - Farmer's Puzzle

Block 36 - Flower Garden Path

Block Total: 78

I plan to spend some time in the sewing room today, so here's hoping I get some work done!


Kristie said...

Two blocks are better than none! They look great!

Pip said...

The blocks still look great, I remember doing #36 it was a bit tricky to line everything up, so many seams.

Karen said...

So pretty, I love your choice of fabrics. Is the whole quilt in these fabrics??

barbara woods said...

they look beautiful to me


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