Sunday, May 27, 2012

Made the quota ...

I'm glad I had the chance to put these blocks together this evening. All feels right in the world when I can achieve my goals in some form.

Block 39 - Friendship

Block 40 - Friendship Block

Block Total: 76

I'm going to do some machine quilting over the next few days, so I'll check back in when I have something fun to share. xox


julieQ said...

I just really enjoy seeing your blocks...there are some pics of your nearly insane quilt around the of the best! Way to go tazz!!

AnnieO said...

So satisfying when that item gets crossed off the list! They look wonderful.

Mary said...

You are now ahead of me by TWO blocks. They are looking great, we are getting closer to having them all done. Nice to see them on FB in the FW group too.

Donna said...

More beautiful blocks!

Sue said...

Just lovely. How many fabrics are you using?
Just incase you haven't had time - I sent you an email the other day.


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