Saturday, May 12, 2012

FWS - Four Blocks

Friday during the day, and this evening I finished four more Farmers Wife blocks to make up my quota of five for the week. Looks like during busy weeks, five blocks (and nothing else) is all I'll be able to achieve :-)

Block 35 - Flower Basket

Block 56 - Maple Leaf

Block 58 - Mother's Dream

Block 108 - Windmill

Block Total: 66

Today was the get together of a lil' bunch of Farmers Wife stitchers at Loz's house. It's always such a lovely day (afternoon for me - being a serial latecomer) with such fun girls. Of course, I didn't remember to take any pictures, so I'll keep my eyes peeled for updates and give you links as they pop up.

Tomorrow is Mother's day, and sadly (for me, but not for them) my Mum is holidaying in Vietnam, and my MIL is holidaying in Europe. I won't be able to visit with them to spread the love, but I have a feeling there are things afoot here. The kids have been scuttling about secretly ... so I'm looking forward to to whatever tomorrow brings. Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mum's out there! xox


Anonymous said...

Love your farics. They just sing to me. Have a Happy Mother's Day. I am sad because I lost my DM in January.


Chookyblue...... said...

glad you got to loz's day..........your FW is looking wonderful...........

Quilter Steph said...

What fabrics are you using for your Farmer's Wife? They are just perfect. The dark red reminds me of a suit my mother made for me when I was ~12/13 yrs. old. I loved it! Thanks!


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