Thursday, May 03, 2012

This is gunna take a while ...

I've been seeing my friends working on their Mrs Billings projects this week, and as my Quilters ADD dictates, it has prompted me to get busy on mine again :-)

I'm up to 'block four' which is a huge pieced diamond and triangle border. Hundreds and hundreds of pieces. As I said, this could take a while :-)

And in other news, be sure to check out my friend Linda's blog, she has shared a picture of our friend Donna's rail fence block progress. She's doing great!


Mary said...

Good job matching those diamond points. Are they cut with a Go Cutter?

Mary said...

I made one of those and it is truly evil. I have put off finishing it and sending it out to be quilted for over a year. It is a large queen and I do need to get it done... THanks for the memory jog.


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