Saturday, June 09, 2012

Latest FWS Blocks

Here are my two latest FWS blocks. One having been made yesterday, and one this evening. I'm really feeling like the finish line is drawing nearer, and it's really exciting :-)

Block 104 - Wild Geese

Block 105 - Wild Goose Chase

Block Total: 82

Today was a lovely day, I had a small group of ladies visit for our FWS sewing day. Loz, Shay and Claire. Ironically, not one of us ended up working on our blocks, mostly we chattered and snacked! Thank you for visiting girls, and see you next month :-) xox


Spice said...

This is going to be a great looking quilt once all the blocks are completed.


Nancy said...

They are really looking lovely. I am sure I have asked you this, but with school my brain turns to mush. Did you paper piece all of yours or did you use the templates?

Either way, they are a joy to see.

Karen said...

Such pretty colors!

AnnieO said...

Chattering and snacking is nearly as important as sewing, right? Glad you got some more blocks done--they look great.

Shay said...

Im going to try and get some more done before I see you next. I'm not making any promises!

Thank you for hosting us Tazz. It was wonderful to catch up and I had such a relaxing day.


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