Monday, June 11, 2012

FWS - Block 97

Late Saturday night I put another FWS block together. This made my quota of five for the week. And my thinking was that I'd easily be able to put another three blocks together yesterday, and that would make up my shortfall for the week before. Hah!

Saturday night my ear felt a little itchy, and on Sunday morning it was really sore. I took myself off to the doctor who diagnosed an ear infection, and sent me home with antibiotics. Ear infections are icky, and it feels like Snap, Crackle and Pop are dancing around in my head. So, the upshot is that I was feeling sorry for myself and I haven't even entered the sewing room. Don't I sound miserable? *lol* But I wouldn't worry though, what it has meant is uninterrupted lounge time, and I've been entirely in control of the TV remote ... and that doesn't happen often! If you could see me now, I'm in my jim-jams, and I have a knitted scarf wrapped around my head - quite comical really :-)

But anyway, here is my latest block:

Block 97 - Waste Not

Block Total: 83

I'd like to put another block together this evening - but right now I'm trying to garner enough sympathy that DH will go out in search of dinner. I'll just keep my feet up :-)

1 comment:

Sheila said...

poor you, good job you got onto it quickly. Hope its not long before you back to full health. Your block ids very pretty


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