Saturday, June 30, 2012

FWS - Block 50

It's 1am, and I've just finished my third FWS block for the week. Two more to make on the weekend, and I'll have reached my quota again :-)

Block 50 - Honey's Choice

Block Total: 99

It's a cute block isn't it? I could see an entire quilt made up using this pattern. Perhaps I'll add it to my VERY long list of quilts I'd like to make.

Better get to bed - today will be a big day - it's Amy's formal (prom for my US friends). There is a tight schedule of hair and makeup followed by photos and then the big event. Wish us luck! Chatter soon xox


Impera Magna said...

Lovely block....

Are you going to post photos of Amy's formal???


Jan said...

Yes, that is a great block. I so often think along the same lines when making random, or sampler, blocks. Really need to edit my to-make list to something more believable!
Hope formal day is lots of fun for your Amy. I have an Amy, too :)

Mary said...

I like that Block too. Almost to the double digits>

Shay said...

Go Amy! Hope you have a fabulous night (and that you manage to survive the preparations Tazz!)

Linda C said...

99 blocks---you are nearing the end of this project then if you are doing a queen sized quilt! Woohoo!

I am hoping to cut out a few of my first selections soon but in the meantime I will admire YOURS!


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