Friday, June 22, 2012

Another goal reached :-)

I'm so pleased I got all five FWS blocks made this week, I wasn't sure I'd get them done. It really feels like I'm drawing close to the finish line now. I'd love it if I can have the whole top done before the end of the school holidays, Wonder if I can do it?

Block 107 - Windblown Square 

Block 93 - Swallow 

Block 94 - Tall Pine Tree 

Block 96 - Tulip

Block Total: 96

This afternoon I'll be taking care of chores again - it's amazing how fast the housework piles up. Then this evening I'll have a little time to myself, and I might work on some hexagons again. I'll share pictures of progress soon - they're kinda slow going :-)


Nancy said...

Out of this bunch, #107 is my favorite.

Congratulations for reaching your goal this week.

Pip said...

I don't think I'll be catching up with you Tazzie, haven't made any blocks so far this week, I need to get stuck in again, as I've been a bit sidetracked with a couple of other quilts :)

Sue said...

Well done Tazzie. They look great. I have been stitching NI Block # 43. What an absolute pain. I have had to rredo part of it. Whew!


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