Wednesday, June 06, 2012

High Drama & A Small Special

Oh my goodness, that certainly took some messing around. The host that was looking after my website was hacked and my dear little tiny website got entirely messed up with a v.i.r.u.s. Oh my goodness, don't people have better things to do with their time?? Apparently it wasn't just my site, but I decided to pack my toys up and head on over to a better and much more reliable host. Thank heavens! I even needed to enlist the help of my own tech support (hubby) and everything is working just fine now.

So, to celebrate the fact that is finally back on the air (and help support my new website payments) I'm offering a pattern sale for June & July. My Simple Tree Skirt pattern is $5.00 for a pdf purchase.

A big thank you to everyone that emailed me with a heads-up about the problem, and thank you also to those of you that have been so understanding waiting for me to get back on line again! xox

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Dahra said...

That is so amazing, its beautiful.


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