Friday, June 15, 2012

Whew, made my quota!

And I made it two days early. I made up the three blocks from the recent weeks shortfall, and I made the five blocks for this week. Whew! I can do whatever I want this weekend :-)

Here are the two blocks I made this evening:

 Block 49 - Honeycomb

Block 65 - Peaceful Hours

Block Total: 91

Block 65 was really fun to put together, and isn't it pretty? I could easily see a whole quilt made from it - no curved seams, but the overall impression would be like circles of flowers.

Only 20 blocks left to assemble now. However, I do need to draw up a diagram of my layout and determine if I need any extra blocks - I am going to make my quilt the length of the twin size, but square. I may need two extra blocks - we'll see.

Alrighty, I'm going to get ready for night-nights, and who knows what I'll be sharing on the weekend. xox


Sheila said...

well done on meeting your target. Have a great fun weekend. I think your plan for making it square is a good one. If i had checked the measurement i would have done the same. One row shorter and one row wider (one extra block) would have been a better size/shape for me. Still whats done is done.

Nancy said...

Block 65 is very attractive.

Mary said...

Love your colors in all of your Blocks. Makes me want to make another one, NOT!

Pip said...

Well done on reaching your quota. I'm doing what Sheila said, one row shorter and one row wider, just need two extra blocks to be made. I will be working away on my blocks this weekend, getting the block count down :)

Browndirtcottage said...

I soooooo love your fabric choices!

elliek said...

Just found you via Shay and Michelle. I too have done the Nearly Insane quilt and love it. Yours is spectacular as well. It's a great sense of achievement when it's all together isn't it. Look forward to seeing Farmer's Wife Sampler. ( I have the book but don't think it will ever get done!)


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