Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday's work ...

I had such a great day yesterday. Not so many things to do in the chores department, so plenty of time for playing in the sewing room.

I finished up a bag for my MIL which is part of her Christmas present. Thank you to Kathie for sending me the pattern a while ago, which was the basis for this bag. My MIL loves to spend time at the library, so my hope is that this could be her new library bag.

Also, you see there a little mug mat. For Amy's Godmother, I have purchased a really cute mug which comes with a matching tray for cookies etc. I always love to add a little personal touch, so this mug mat will go along with it. I just have to hand stitch down the binding, and I'll do that this afternoon at the quilt store.

While Cameron was at kindy, I managed to get about two thirds of the directions written for the Winchester Weave quilt. I just have to make up a diagram of how to construct the middle of the quilt and write that up next, and lastly make up a couple of 'demonstration blocks'. Then I'll be all ready to put it in the mail on Monday. The Winchester quilt is scheduled to be in the magazine around April. I'm so thrilled you've been able to see that quilt already, as it was commissioned after I'd posted the pictures. You got a sneak peek!

Last of all, at around 10.30pm last night I sat down and did a little knitting. I managed to get more of the foot done on the sock, and now I'm ready to commence shaping the toe. Thank you so much to Ruth, your link to the sock tutorial will be very helpful.

Tomorrow I'll be working all day at the quilt store, opening and closing it, so it's unlikely you'll see anything of me. I'll probably be kind of frazzled after trying to remember how to work the till and stuff ... so think of me ... I hope you all have a great day!


Susan said...

Are you working to support your quilting habit? =) The bag is great. I love the color and the look of it. The Mug Mat will be a perfect addition to the tray and mug, for a little snack in the evening watching TV, or something.

You are making lots of progress on meeting deadlines!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished sock! I found the tutorial really helpful and the whole toe process was easier than I expected. We have guests coming for dinner this evening, do you think it would be rude of me to knit at the dinner table? I really want to get my second sock done. lol

Unknown said...

The bag looks great!! Hurray for finished projects!!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Great progress on writing up the instructions - exciting to have another magazine piece in the works.

Cynthia said...

good to hear you are finding time to make the gifts and write up the instructions for your Winchester Weave quilt.

ForestJane said...

Nice tote!

Your mom could fit quite a few library books in there. :)


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