Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Holiday

Last night I went out to dinner with five of my girlfriends and then saw a movie - The Holiday. It was a fun movie, and all the way thru the movie I was wondering how they could possibly end it in a way that would suit everyone ... I'm not going to give anything away so no need for a spoiler alert. If you enjoy movies like Bridget Jones Diary etc, then definitely go see it. Pet decided she'd like to go again and take hubby to see it ... Sharon, Jane, Deb, Paula and myself decided it was definitely one for the girls only!

It was quite a stormy night last night, and I got home at midnight to find everyone asleep, and Cam had climbed in bed with his sister because of the thunder. He's always been nervous of storms. He's such a little cutie. He can't have slept well the honey, he was still asleep when I started this post this morning.

Yesterday during the day, I completed two more DJ blocks. On the left is C2 - Streak of Lightning. On the right is C4 - Tic Tac Toe. I don't mind confessing that I really did not like making the centre part of C4. It was evil. Those little white lines are 1/4" finished. But it's done now, and I never have to do it again *yay*. Those of you who have made or making the DJ will see that on C2 I added some seams in so I didn't have to applique those outer diamonds in place. I like the way this block looks compared to the block in my other DJ.

Sincere apologies for the quality of my pictures. I really have to stop using the camera phone - I'm just so darned lazy.

After the frenzy of finishing up all the Christmas gifts (which I managed with a day to spare) I really need to tidy up my cutting table. It's now getting to that point that when I want to work on something I can't concentrate because of all the clutter.

I can handle a little mess - after all, I have kids - but this kind of clutter messes with my head. I hope to get to it today. We have another dinner to go to tonight, so I'll see how many chores I get thru first.

Have a great day everyone!


Pam said...

Your DJ blocks look so good, an inspiration to me to keep on working on mine.

Is the movie "The Holiday" similar to the book by Maeve Binchey? Tara Road? Have you read that book? Just wondering.
Happy New Year!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I had wanted to see that movie. I'm not sure it is playing around here anymore. Your DJ blocks are just wonderful! Way better than the few I made!

quiltpixie said...

your DJ blocks look great -- very "dainty"

just jenn said...

Those are awesome! What is in the top left corner of the second picture? Is it another block? It looks awesome.

Mary Johnson said...

I can relate to the mess on your table - I decided I just had to make a few string blocks today and so with boxes piled around me - I shoved things over just enough to reach the iron and cutting table. There's a big box with files sitting on my sewing table but I worked around it. I can't wait to get everything put away!

Judith said...

LOL here the same clutter on my desk, but I just was promising myself that I am going to clean it firsst before working on my mysterie again.
Your DJ block inspire me. Hope the fabric will arrive soon, so that I can start.

Hanne said...

Your DJ blocks looks lovely. What are the plan for them, a big quilt or a smaller quilt ?
I am working on my sewing table too, to make it look good for the start of the new year :-)

Joyce said...

The problem with clutter on the cutting table is that you can accidentally cut some of the clutter and then find out that it was way more than just clutter. I love the DJ blocks.

Angie said...

I will trade you my "clutter" for yours in a heartbeat, girlfriend!! ROFL You "ain't" seen a mess til you see mine. LOL Those DJ blocks are so cute but the intricacy intimidates me. You do such great work, Tazzie!


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