Monday, December 04, 2006

Nov/Dec Goals

How did I go with my November goals?
  • Mark and pin Winnie the Pooh quilt
  • Make three gifts for Xmas
  • Piece 60 blue and cream blocks
  • Make four DJ blocks
  • Complete one quilt to binding
  • No fabric purchases other than Osnaburg or fabric to complete a quilt
All done, but for the poor Winnie the Pooh quilt. As I mentioned a few days ago, the WTP quilt has had some work done on it, so all is not lost. I wanted to have a think for a few days before I set my new goals, so here goes:
  • Start quilting Winnie the Pooh quilt
  • Finish up gifts for Xmas
  • Write directions and send off Winchester quilt
  • Make twelve DJ blocks
  • Start assembling zig zag nine patch blocks
Not a lot of goals, but could still be tricky to get through. Especially if I'm diverted by socks ... I know I'll get the Christmas gifts done, the rest is anyones guess. I've got my fingers crossed, so wish me luck my friends!


Bonnie said...

You did great on your November goals and I'm sure you will do great on your December goals. You seem to have a lot of energy!

Susan said...

You are doing a wonderful job with goals. Poor WTP, though! He must not be something you really are in the mood to do. I've seen him show up several times now. =) I see you only put 12 DJ blocks. =)

Patti said...

I'd say that's an ambitious list for such a busy time of year. You sure did well on the November goals!

Shelina said...

You did a great job on your November goals! Your December list isn't a long list but it sure is an ambitious list. Good luck to you.


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