Friday, December 29, 2006

Normality sets in ...

Wow! Christmas has just flown by! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did. It all began on the Saturday evening before Xmas, we had some friends over for Christmas dinner, which was entirely wonderful. We've known them forever and always spend time together during the festive season. And they entirely loved their gifts, one of which was the 'bar runner'. Pet messaged me later and told me it was the nicest present she'd ever received. What a wonderful compliment.

Christmas Eve was spent with Marty's family with lunch at a lovely hotel, with the exchange of gifts in a nearby park with a wonderful playground for the kids.

Christmas day was spent with my family, too much food, lots of merriment and wonderful gifts. Mum absolutely adores her quilt, so I'm sorry to say it won't be put up for adoption. Maybe next year? I received so many lovely gifts, I won't list them all for you, but here are a few ... pictured, a wonderful #57 foot for Bernie. I have heard so many good things about it, I gave hubby specific details about where one could be located ... surprise!! One of my fave perfumes (Red Door), the Devil Wears Prada book (which I've entirely read now!!), gift certificates to my fave homewares store ... a cute purse ... I won't go on ... I was lucky to receive such wonderful things. Of course, the kids were showered entirely, and my lounge still looks like a toy battle-zone!

Some other friends of ours had their annual Boxing Day party, which lived up to the expectations of past years. Much merriment, probably a little too much alcohol, and many good friends meant a wonderful time was had by all. A very late night, and some very tired people the next day, so we had a low key Wednesday. Yesterday Amy and I hit the post Xmas sales, and spend some of our vouchers. The stores were busy, and we had a great time.

I have done very little sewing, just a couple of DJ blocks last night ... and here they are ... G11 - Decisions Decisions, and G12 - Gloriae.

Both machine pieced with an applique component. I've altered G12 a little from the one in the book. I have added seams in the border area of mine to make it a little more like the block in the photograph. The line drawing has no seams in the border and I guess it would have to be appliqued. I think my block count now would be around 53 or so.

I'm all set to make C2 - Streak of Lightning today. I've prepared the freezer paper pieces already. I'm altering that one too. I'm piecing the whole thing rather than add appliqued diamonds at the edge, and I've changed those extra two diamonds to make them the same size as the others. Can't help it I'm afraid ... I'm a symmetry girl!

I'm also hopelessly overwhelmed with the amount of blog reading I need to do. I logged into bloglines this morning and saw hundreds of unread, and logged out again. I don't think I'm ready to focus just yet ... don't give up on me ... I'll be visiting with you soon!

Once again, I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas ... I look forward to reading all about them! x o x


Anonymous said...

You were spoiled indeed LOL. Enjoy!

Angie said...

Hey, Tazzie girlfriend, I've missed seeing "Tazzie Quilts" pop up in my Bloglines! :) Glad to know you had a fabulous Holiday, and that you were so richly blessed in the giftie department. LOL YOur DJ blocks are really nice. Glad you're back even if you're not quite up to speed yet in blogland. LOL

Ms. Jan said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and that's just the way it ought to be!

ForestJane said...

Your dj blocks look great! 53 is quite an accomplishment, I think.

Are you finding any special favorites that you're thinking "hey, I'd like a whole quilt made of these, in 12 inch blocks" or when you're done with it, do you plan to do something completely different?

And don't worry about the blog numbers, they're probably over inflated with those posts that show 25 but are really only one new added. Sometimes I hit those first, to see my numbers go down dramatically.... lol

Melanie said...

Welcome back-- I've missed you... Sounds like youawere a good girl last year!!!

Cynthia said...

sounds like you've had a great Christmas. I also have a Bernie. I was wondering what the foot (#57) you received is for?

Your blocks look great.

Anonymous said...

Now, see? The book's already read, those gift cards will soon be spent, and the Red Door will eventually fade. But that #57 foot? You will love it forever!! I resisted it for a time and am so sorry I did. It's just the best. My Swiss Miss loves her newest shoe.

You must have been such a good girl last year!

tami said...

I got a #57 foot too!! I have an older bernie and have been waiting for it to come out for the older connection. I heard from Judy L. that they had come out and when my mom asked I gave her the specifics. I was so happy when I opened it.


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