Friday, December 15, 2006

Jammin' again

Ohhh look, some more jam! We do love Apricot Jam in this house, and there will be more made. Hopefully we won't run out this time. This time last year I wasn't able to get any Apricots, so there were scenes of devastation when we ran out of the home-made stuff. Store bought just isn't the same.

Here you see another 6 pint jars, and 8 jars that are ummm ... I guess a bit more than half a pint. I'm just not sure, and too lazy right now to get up and work it out :-) The smaller of the jars I'm happy to give away as I don't mind if the jars don't come home. I've already given two jars to Cam's day care lady, and one to our friend the Cabinet Maker.

Susan asked about the covers I'm using on the jars. They're by Fowlers Vacola (sorry, they don't have a website). They're kind of like thicker cellophane, and especially for jam making. While the jars are still warm, you wet the covers and put them on the jar smoothly with the rubber band. As they dry they crackle and pop and make an airtight seal. They go tight like a drum and my hubby always delights in tapping them to check the seal. If they sound drum-like, all is well.

I have been quilting just a little, sewing down bindings and stuff. Tonight before I go to bed, I plan to baste the Atlantic Jewels quilt so I can start quilting over the weekend. Today's big accomplishment was to have entirely finished gift shopping. I now only have to finish the quilted gifts and I can relax.

Also, I keep meaning to mention that Grandpa Pearce was fine about the interruption to his schedule the other day. He was disappointed not to have seen Amy, but pleased that she'd have her gift in time for her birthday. Thank you all for your concern *hugs*. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have something quilty to share with you! Have a great day!


Ms. Jan said...

Yum! Apricot jam is the best of the best and I love the jar sealants. I guess that way you can use any jar you have handy instead of having to buy special ones.

Sue said...

That's interesting about the jam covers, I've never heard of that.
The quilt you made for your Mom is beautiful, she's going to love it!


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