Saturday, December 09, 2006

Freezer Paper Piecing

I keep forgetting to write about this, but a few days ago I made up some DJ blocks and mentioned that I'd made them using freezer paper templates. I had a few comments asking about this technique, and one from KJ quilts specifically asking if I knew about any directions on the web. I'm sorry KJ quilts, I didn't get your email addy, or see it on your profile, so I can't reply personally.

I have done a little looking around and have found this tutorial:

No affiliations etc ... just googled it. The only comment I would make is that in Step 4, I use 1/4" seams and not 1/2" like she mentions. It may be a typo.

Next time I do some freezer paper piecing, I'll try to take some pictures as I go ... hopefully I remember, it would require me to be organised *lol*


May Britt said...

I am very fond of using freezer paper. Both for application and as templates for blocs. And I agree with you 1/2 inch seem allowance is far too much. 1/4 inch for ordinary blocks and for DJ even less seam allowance. I also use freezerpaper to make templates when I handquilt. I draw the pattern I want,cut it out and draw a line around it with my marker pen.

Joyce said...

I have a roll of freezer paper but I haven't used it yet. Maybe that will be my next project. I checked out the link you included and the instructions are very clear. THanks!

Jenni said...

HI Tazzie
I had a look too - what a good idea. I have some "stuff" in my sewing room that I think could be a piece of freezer paper. I can't remember buying it, and I don't know what it is. I might iron it on to something and see what happens.

Shelina said...

Thank you for the link, and for sharing the idea with us. I do like the idea of using freezer paper to keep your fabric where it belongs.

Unknown said...

Thanks for finding the link. I'm going to try this soon (after Christmas).


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