Sunday, December 31, 2006

More DJ blocks

Yesterday morning's pictures were so appalling, so I decided to take a decent photo of those DJ blocks along with the ones I made yesterday afternoon. The two on the right are the new ones, on top is K4 - Thea's Turn. On the bottom is L8 - Box Kite. I'm seriously loving piecing with freezer paper, and I wish I'd been brave enough to try it before now.

I counted up, and I have a total now of 57 DJ blocks. That means I'm one third the way through! How wonderful! The two blocks I made yesterday also mean I have made my 12 DJ blocks for this month, so I can cross that goal off my list. I have only today left to achieve any of the other goals ... can I do it?? I'll let you know tomorrow :-)

Mrs Moody asked yesterday about what was at the top left of the picture of my cutting table. It's not a block ... it's too 'papery' for that ... it's actually the colour layout and progress chart for my DJ quilt.

I wanted to do 30's prints in a trip around the world colourway, so I inventoried all the colours I have and planned this colour chart to suit. I'm also marking off the blocks as I make them. I'm also thinking I may cut a small piece of each fabric and stick it over the corresponding square as I make it, so that way I won't end up with the same fabrics abutting each other. I'll see how organised I get for that one.

The last picture for today is some fabric I found on my cutting table while I was tidying it up. I got these fabrics at my fave quilt store a couple of weeks ago. The panel with the hearts is super cute and Amy chose it. She wants to make something sweet for her Godmother. I got the red print with the little gold hearts to go with it. The other three are reproductions I just love. The large floral is one of my favourites, and I used all I had on the quilt I gave to my Mum, so I just had to have a little more. The two others are half metre pieces of ones I don't already have.

I've been really good with my fabric purchased for the past few months, so I don't feel any guilt at a little stash enhancement. I also need to get some of the white Osnaburg that Cheryl got in specially for me. I love using it with feedsacks, it's more loosely woven fabric and goes perfectly.

That's it from me today. Tonight is New Years, so it's bound to be a big night, we're off to a party at Deb's house. We were out very late last night too, so I predict there will be no early risers in this house tomorrow.

Have a great day! x o x


Quilts And Pieces said...

Your blocks continue to amaze me. Heck I couldn't do one DJ quilt and you are on at least your second! I love freezer paper piecing too!

Hanne said...

I am looking forward to follow your DJ progress Tazzie. I know you have 2007 already in Australia. Happy New Year to you!

Samantha said...

Enjoy your new year's eve, and happy new year to you!

Susan said...

Great blocks, you are moving right along on this. That red/white one in the upper left corner is amazing!

I love your repro fabrics. My favorite . . . genre? . . . of fabrics, too.

Ms. Jan said...

Love the DJ blocks and plan. I should get going again (stopped at 8 or 9 blocks).
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Your DJ is coming along nicely - I like the colours and layout chart. Happy New Year!


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