Friday, September 08, 2023


This week Instagram completely sidetracked me! Lovely Taryn (reproquiltlover) introduced a Scrappy Star Stitchalong, and I was all in! It was impossible to resist. The blocks are only 6" little things, and the hardest part of the project is choosing fabrics. We all know I have scraps that block out the sun, so I set to rummaging:

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

I only really need to make one block each time - but with the technique I'm using it's just as easy to make two, so that's what I'm doing. Also, I'm trying to take interesting photos - so many of you are such amazing photographers. As you can see with Block 3, I have much to learn about depth and perspective. I guess those are the right words lol. I'll get better!

The cupie doll was a fun purchase this week at the Royal Adelaide Show. We took Mary along again this year, and she had a wow of a time. I've selected a couple of my favourite pictures from the competition area - my favourite quilts, sourdough, vanilla slice (yum!) and cake decorating.

I also made one more block from the OPA Sampler Stitchalong, as you see it's a very easy one:

Block 5 - Corner Logs

For this block I forced myself to draw from my 2" strip box, which made for an odd assortment of fabrics. Of course there is no discernible reduction in the amount of strips in the box, which always causes me to fret about the state of my stash. I'm sure I've had this conversation with you before - I really need to put time aside to pare down. 

Anyway, that is where I'm at this Friday evening. Contemplating my stash, and looking forward to putting some more blocks together. How has your week been?


Gretchen Weaver said...

There are a lot of quilters joining the scrappy star stitch along. There are going to be a lot of lovely quilts and each quilt will be different. It looks like you have a lovely time at the exhibit, there were some lovely quilts there. Happy stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such lovely quilt blocks and quilts from the show - those cakes look good too!

cityquilter grace said...

Great doubt sun a little brighter

Kyle said...

You had a fabulous week. I'm hoping to have time next week to start on the stars. I've procrastinated with the thought of choosing all the fabrics. Seem daunting at the moment.

Janet said...

love your blocks. The fabric combinations are fabulous. What in the world is the mushroom? The quilting on the red/white quilt at the show was beautiful.
All the food looked delicious. How is sourdough going? As always thank you for taking me on your quilt journey.

kiwikid said...

Very productive sidetrack! The blocks are lovely! Love a Royal Show, the cakes/quilts etc look amazing. Nice corner Log block too. Hubby asked me today who was going to sort/use my stash if anything happened to me?? I said I will get sewing and use them! I say that every year I must admit!!

loulee said...

Well if you're going to get pulled off track might as well do it in style, and you did. Such lovely blocks.

Nancy said...

Your Stitchalong stars are beautiful. Lovely fabrics.
The Royal Adelaide Show looks interesting and fun. The breads and cakes look delicious.
I love your OPA log cabin block. Lovely fabrics.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Delightful stars! And a great photo shoot too 👍


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