Friday, September 15, 2023

More stars!

Ohhh I hope you're ready to see more stars? I had a great time working on them during the week. I think I'm behind by one star at the moment, but that one will have to wait until I can stumble upon the perfect fabric.

Block four - I was thrilled with how this one came together, the perfect fabrics were lurking in my scrap stash, so I was able to put them to good use. The brown stripe and the little check print were gifted by my lovely friend Donna (and possibly one of the indigoes too). I dug the music print conversational and the other indigo from deep stash, they were fun finds. 

Block five - I struggled to find appropriate scraps for this one. I don't have very much purple repro fabric, something I feel like I should try and remedy.

Block six has a wide mid blue and white scrap for the outer squares, I am 99.675% sure that I don't have anything like that hiding in my fabric closet, so I'll have a think about what I'll do there. It really does make the block, so it's worth contemplating.

I also put together the latest Opa Sampler block:

Block 35 - Variable Star

Cooincidentally this weeks block is just a larger scale version of the other blocks I've been working on. It was hard to find a brown print that mimicked the fabric in the original. I auditioned a couple of darker brown fabrics, and thought they were too dull. I settled on this sweet brown print fabric from the tub of reproductions kindly gifted to me by lovely Pam Holland. I had a small piece of this way back in the day when it was new, but that was long gone, so it was a thrill to find this piece in the tub.

And last of all from a quilting perspective, tonight I put the last binding stitches in a placemat I've made for my Nanna's birthday.

Nanna is 94 this week, such a great age. She's in a nursing home as she needs a lot of care now, and we'll visit with her tomorrow for cake and celebrating. The placemat is for her to put on her tray table where she has her meals, I hope it'll brighten her space some more. We just adore Nanna, and we are so blessed to have five generations of first born daughters that are all so close.

Also this week, I received a small delivery of fabric, which I managed to forget to take a picture of, so I'll share that with you next week. Lastly I've been busy and finally finished up updating all the pictures in my Etsy store - they decided in their wisdom that we needed to have square listing photos going forward - so that was a fun exercise in playing with photoshop etc. 

So that has been my week, I hope yours has been wonderful too, and I'll chatter with you next week! xox


kiwikid said...

You have made any beautiful blocks. I hope your Nana has a wonderful birthday.

loulee said...

Nana's place mat is a delight. Lovely blocks too.

Janet said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with nana and that she liked her placemat.
Love the blocks. Can't wait to see them put together. Have a wonderful week.


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