Friday, November 25, 2022

I've been laxe ...

I have been noticeably absent on the socials lately - and that includes responding to emails - this week has been super busy, but life will begin getting a little quieter soon, honest!

Tonight I should be painting little bead heads, instead I'm working on a few little embroidered Christmas decorations for little miss Mary:

These sweet little heart decorations are from the mmmCrafts Twelve Days of Christmas range, I'll try and make all the ornaments for her, but these ones will suffice for this year. 

I'm not a great embroiderer, so this will be a good chance to practice. I need to work on making my stitches more even, and I need to not pull the stitches so tight that I pucker the pieces. I'll get there!

One of the things that has had us so busy this week, and so tired at this end of the week is that we did a bunch of work in the lounge/dining rooms. I wanted to take out the balustrades that separated the rooms - they closed in the space somewhat and also made it look dated. And once that was done it was going to leave holes in the carpet, so I organised for new carpeting to be installed. Here are a couple of before pictures:

Eugh, I so disliked that original carpet, I was glad to see it go. And because we use our dining room most of all when we're entertaining, we decided to switch the rooms around to make use of the biggest room, and edit the furniture as well. I took a little video so you can see how it looks now - I really hope it works!

If it doesn't come thru properly I'll come back later on and add some photos.

Moving all the furniture out was exhausting. Choosing what we wanted to keep and finding home for the things we no longer want has also been exhausting. We were much younger when we moved here and had way less stuff. I have a whole new respect for people that move frequently! We have both decided we're going to work harder at paring down and finding new homes for things we don't need. I hope we can make a genuine effort to do it!

So that is a big part of what I was up to this week. I also managed to finish ALL the applique on my Lily Rosenberry quilt and I have passed it over to my lovely friend Lizzy to baste it for me, then it will be ready for me to begin hand quilting!

I'm going to sign off  here, I feel like I'm not going to be far from going to bed. This weary body needs some more rest. Thank you for being patient with me while I've been absent from blogland, but I promise I'll be visiting with you all again soon! Big love and hugs xoxox


cityquilter grace said...

lovely changes and can see it will work better for you...yes paring down is a's something i do almost without thinking...clutter accumulates so very quickly

Denice Barker said...

Your room switch makes total sense but yes, we aren't as young as we were and boy, does it show when we take on a project. There's nothing like a project like this to motivate us to purge.

loulee said...

That looks way better, much more open and inviting.

liz said...

The rooms looks really good. It's good to update I really need to get motivate : )
The quilt on the wall is lovely
Thank you for sharing

Janet said...

Congratulations on tackling such a huge job. You are going to love it.
The hearts are going to be so pretty. I am sure they will be treasured during the years.
Rest and enjoy your weekend.

Pam said...

The rooms look lovely, great job

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I absolutely love the changes. We had new carpeting put in about 4 years ago - I gave a lot of things to Goodwill! Cleaned out a lot of clutter. Hugs and get some rest


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